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Synonyms for irrupt

erupt or intensify suddenly

increase rapidly and in an uncontrolled manner


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If the Christian God is truly one whose extravagant love cannot be anticipated but irrupts unexpectedly in our world; if we can know that God in our interaction with God's creatures and creation; if the God who is revealed in creation is, nevertheless, always revealed as Mystery; then the privileged social location for encountering and coming to know God is in those places and among those persons who themselves irrupt unexpectedly in our world, who themselves are anomalies in world that worships power, wealth, privilege, and security.
So Odysseus irrupts into the maidens' idyllic world.
Yet the violence that irrupts in this section of the novella does not simply recede.
Indeed, turbulence becomes an apt metaphor for how the past irrupts into the present and how the traumas of history keep us from "flying" in a straight line from the past into the future.
When crime suddenly irrupts, unprepared, implausibly, without motive and without reason, then psychiatry steps forward and says: Even though no one else is able to detect in advance this crime that suddenly erupts, psychiatry, as knowledge, as science of mental illness, as knowledge of madness, will be able to detect precisely this danger that is opaque and imperceptible to everyone else.
This is a moment where the narrative almost irrupts into lyric, where the reader suspends judgment and instead projects him or herself into both perspectives at once?
Even when the event irrupts and subjects are ready for a timely intervention, the ethic of fidelity to it is doomed from the start, because the subjects are called to overcome ontological (located within them) rather than merely ideological-contingent (sociohistorical) barriers.
It suddenly irrupts and, at the same time, it hides.
The Caribbean irrupts into the vortex of scripted European history with the arrival of the Genovese Christopher Columbus to the shores of the island of San Salvador on October 12, 1492.
Biblical stories raise as many questions as answers, causing us continually to turn back to God and to seek a meaning that irrupts into history as a hope for those for whom history has heretofore offered little hope.
even there it does not make a halt, but in a manner of speaking continues right back into the intrauterine, prenatal condition and, leaving the sphere of personal psychology altogether, irrupts into the collective psyche" (Jung, quoted in Wang, 2001, p.
Divine grace never irrupts into the realm of 'pure nature; as it were a virtual dominion unto itself .
First, a language game comprises both the language (the relations of communication and knowledge) and the game (the activities and power relations) in which a claim of justice or injustice irrupts.
In her stories an element of a fantastic nature frequently irrupts into an apparently ordinary and banal universe.
In short, Barzini intends to address the potentialities of the speeding automobile as it irrupts into the modern world.