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Synonyms for irrupt

erupt or intensify suddenly

increase rapidly and in an uncontrolled manner


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More specifically, I will contend that, while theological aesthetics represents a necessary corrective to modern and postmodern theologies, liberation theology represents an equally necessary safeguard against the opposite danger, a reduction of aesthetics to an apolitical religious experience wherein the Beautiful does not irrupt in the world, transforming it, but is simply a legitimating reflection of that world.
Instead, I am positing the more modest claim that these instances where space irrupts into the foreground produce moments of self-consciousness--not so much a reversal of ethics as an awareness of an alternative mode of ethical behavior.
In short, Barzini intends to address the potentialities of the speeding automobile as it irrupts into the modern world.
Crewdson's highly staged, cinematic Twilight series is set in an anonymous suburban territory, but echoes lots of science fiction tropes in the form of suggestive scenes where fantasy irrupts into the ordered regimes of suburban living, that quintessential twilight zone.
For despite the deconstructive operations that it performs on this trope, The Carpathians maintains the integrity of allegory to the extent that the 'horizontal semantic differentiation' characteristic of such figures of speech as metaphor (whereby the metaphor irrupts from the literal) does not dominate in Frame's novel.
The other irrupts (20) into the life of the clinical professional only rarely, but always demands a response to the illness that has disrupted his or her life and necessitated the attendance at the clinic.
As the speaker is delivered into the place of memory proper in line 11 ("here," huc), a far more energetic human actor irrupts onto the scene: a beloved who nourishes, but also coerces ("led," cogit), rules,
Desire irrupts into time and the poet's life mysteriously and powerfully and threatens to throw his life into disorder.
A Dreaming irrupts into the confines of human history (always at a crucial moment) to turn the action to Dreaming purpose.
Mary's ascribed madness irrupts in the church in antilanguage thereby subverting the sanctity of that institution, and creating "a moment of silence, a question without answer .
ethical persuasion in Fuller irrupts in Emerson's essay
A penchant for the grotesque and for madness irrupts in some stories.
Space irrupts into environs, just as temporalizing extends us into the future from the past.
Violence irrupts as a consequence of a situation that gets out of hand.
For these commentators, hypertext irrupts into the lineal, logocentric model of print writing by constituting itself through infinitely accessible and erasable units of information.