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of igneous rock that has solidified beneath the earth's surface


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(39) Barke's novel is an overt appeal to the kinds of totalising continuities that the irruptive method looks to dispel.
We found up to 35% higher values in our study population that was below carrying capacity on high-quality habitat, arguably values representative of an expanding, irruptive population.
Relishing the material specificities of individual artworks, Fisher always contextualized the aesthetic autonomy that gives art a life of its own by drawing connections across philosophy, literature, and culture, thus anchoring art's irruptive potential in struggles for social justice.
The snowy owl is considered an "irruptive species," sighted in New York when conditions in its northern range encourage it to fly south.
This life history makes its populations potentially irruptive (Kelt, 1994; Meserve et al., 1991; Sage et al., 2007).
They share this "irruptive" position with many of the other accounts, although some, like Irvine and Young, acknowledge the entire spectrum.
Another major source of platinum is Ontario's Sudbury Basin, also known as the Sudbury Nickel Irruptive, which is the second-largest, as well as the oldest, impact crater on Earth.
Regarding the dwarfs, Ransom interprets: "You are offended by the masculine itself: the loud, irruptive, possessive thing--the gold lion, the bearded bull--which breaks through hedges and scatters the little kingdom of your primness as the dwarfs scattered the carefully made bed" (315-16).
Theology is also an open-ended enterprise that continually begins again in an effort to render faithfully the irruptive force of God's word into an ever-changing, ever-evolving human history.
The condition common to the gift is certain unconditionality [...] The event and the gift, the event as gift, the gift as event must be irruptive, unmotivated--for example, disinterested.
Our sightings may have been related to various possibilities such as nomadic movements of some individuals, dispersal irruptive movements, range expansion resulting from anthropogenic disturbances, or simply because in the past not enough ornithological surveys had been conducted in the region.
The population dynamics of Trirhabda are often characterized by asynchronous irruptive cycles that are restricted to a very small local spatial scale (Messina, 1982b; McBrien et al., 1983; Brown, 1994; Brown and Weis, 1995).
Their appearance during the winter is irruptive, meaning they don't show up every year, migrating south from Canada periodically into the lower 48 states, including the Northwest.
Exciting sightings of crossbills, pine siskins, redpolls, and possibly evening grosbeaks -- irruptive species that visit us infrequently -- are indications of poor seed crops up north.