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Synonyms for irruption

a sudden violent entrance

a sudden sharp increase in the relative numbers of a population

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a sudden violent spontaneous occurrence (usually of some undesirable condition)

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An Irruption of Owls is available in both print and ebook formats.
Because of warming temperatures and consequent irruptions of moose ticks, the New Hampshire moose population, which once numbered 7,500, plummeted 40 percent.
The irruption started in late fall and is expected to end by March or April.
be on the nonsystematic movement of error that I call errance, which includes contaminating reflux, treasonous desertion, unpredictable circulation, violent irruption, and other movements which place simple oppositions and coherent itineraries under erasure or suspension.
In an exclusive statement to "Hannibal" TV, he pointed out that he had been "surprised by the channel broadcasting interruption and asked for clarifications in this regard," declaring that he "was told that the source of irruption had been the National Television Board.
Irruption years in the UK occur either when there has been an exceptionally good breeding season or when there has been a berry failure through the normal wintering range.
Husserl's project aims to recreate the same 'breakthrough that takes place in early Greece by the irruption into consciousness of the very concept of humanity itself as a concept transcending all particular humanities' (26, my emphasis).
He pointed out that in some years, a so-called irruption of Great Spotted Woodpeckers - the commonest species on the Continent occurs.
Working in particular from deconstructive theoreticians (Jacques Derrida) and their psychoanalytic counterparts (Nicolas Abraham and Maria Torok), Davis traces the dual history of hauntology, underlining the way in which the irruption of the spectral tears a hole in the ontology of our lives, a hole neither easily mended nor easily explained.
Englund: irruption de la guerre civile dans une zone frontaliere au Mozambique du fait de rivalites internes a une communaute; J.
Like Heidegger, who gloried in the nonrational irruption of Being into being-in-the-world, the Nazi movement rejected in principle reasoned argument and human rights.
I attach the mystical or religious consciousness to the possession of an extended subliminal self with a thin partition through which messages make irruption.
Although the eighteenth chapter carries the story of western Christendom from 395 to 640, barely four pages are given to the two centuries that followed the irruption of the barbarians--just enough to remind us that the title `Pope' was not always the prerogative of one bishop (p.
It was 2000 years ago, that the dramatic irruption of Divine power into this closed order took place.
These conspiracy theories, Mr Knight argues, are increasingly 'less likely to give vent to alarmist fears about an occasional irruption of the normal order of things, than to express a not entirely unfounded suspicion that the normal order.