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Synonyms for irrigate

Synonyms for irrigate

supply with water, as with channels or ditches or streams


supply with a constant flow or sprinkling of some liquid, for the purpose of cooling, cleansing, or disinfecting

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The president of the state company Acuamed, Francisco Javier Baratech, has stressed, meanwhile, that from the state society are working on various modernization projects of the traditional irrigation of the Ribera del Jcar, through partnerships with communities of irrigators, such as the intermediate raft for the Real Acequia de Escalona.
Towards this end, the State affirms its commitment to contribute to the lowering of the cost of production through the provision of free irrigation service, and further relieve the farmers and their irrigators associations from the burden and consequence of unpaid irrigation service fees," it added.
Since power cost normal ization, irrigators have an incentive to avoid inefficiencies that would increase pumping costs.
For monitoring the accuracy of the cutoff distance, irrigators may place a sensor toward the tail end of a check to receive a text alert to return to the field and record the results -- whether irrigation is sufficient at the end of the check, whether runoff is reduced.
If the draft Basin plan is adopted in its current form the Minister would be responsible for economically and socially destroying communities reliant on water for their survival," Stewart Ellis, of the National Irrigators Council, said.
According to Senator Wong, the two initial tenders conducted in January and March successfully attracted a good number of interested irrigators who want to sell their water entitlements.
Irrigators have also gained traction because of the growing knowledge of irrigation's benefits to oral health.
The Water Quality Calculator was initially developed with cotton in mind and will be helpful to cotton irrigators across the Australian industry, but it also can be used to determine potential effects in a number of other irrigated crops including pasture, according to Richards.
Pots can be kept topped up with Deep-Rooted Irrigators made from semi-permeable terracotta in funky Pumpkin, Pepper, Cabbage and Apple designs.
The decorative, rounded tops have apertures through which the irrigators are filled with water.
Many licences have a Hands Off Flow condition which requires the farmer to switch off pumps and irrigators when flows drop below a specified threshold.
The affordability of the system is going to allow everyone to experience the cleaning and sensation of oral irrigators that had been available only at the high end of the market, he says.
In the last year alone, irrigators provided 60,000 acre-feet of water for endangered species, and the Klamath Irrigation District helped complete a state-of-the-art fish screen that will prevent the destruction of 1 million endangered suckers each year.
A decade-long drought has reduced the flow of the Rio Grande's tributaries in Mexico, where farmers, irrigators and industrial parks clamor for ever-scarcer river water.