irrigation ditch

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a ditch to supply dry land with water artificially

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He then flew back to the irrigation ditch where a crew mate saw something move.
As if he didn't know an irrigation ditch when he saw one
They became accepted enough that Crawford was awarded a term as mayordomo - ditch boss - of the local irrigation ditch, the Acequia de la Jara.
Identifying all existing irrigation ditches, irrigation and drainage facilities, and existing irrigation ditch and drainage flows within the subject area; 2.
Reliving the terrible events, the Mercian soldier told the ECHO: I was blown up crossing an irrigation ditch, it was an IED (improvised explosive device).
After the Taliban opened fire and the patrol split up they sought the safety of a tree-lined irrigation ditch.
An ANA Commando spotted a wire protruding from an irrigation ditch and immediately alerted the rest of the patrol.
Ratib and a colleague have also uncovered what looks like an old stone wall, shards of pottery everywhere, which he believes it is a Roman-era irrigation ditch.
When Bombardier Greenwood left his position in an irrigation ditch, the soldiers were down to less than a magazine each and under heavy fire.
Get one of the center's lawyers talking, and you'll get an earful: thousands of fish dead because of a pesticide spill in an irrigation ditch, 500-year-old trees at risk of being cut with no public input into the decision, Gunnison sage grouse disappearing from the Colorado landscape.
The severely decomposed remains were discovered in the irrigation ditch near Lakenheath, Suffolk, on August 17 last year.
Walkers found the skeletonised remains in an irrigation ditch on August 17 last year, 13 days after the two 10-year-olds vanished from their home town of Soham, Cambs.
A 7-year-old boy was found dead in an irrigation ditch in Iwama, Ibaraki Prefecture, on Sunday, nearly two weeks after he went missing, police said Monday.
The first step will be to relocate an irrigation ditch which runs through the middle of the property.
4 in the 1995 kidnapping, robbery and murder of Ruth Eloise Avril, a 73-year-old Oxnard woman whose beaten and strangled body was found in an Oxnard irrigation ditch.
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