irrigation ditch

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a ditch to supply dry land with water artificially

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Right now, that means moving away from the traditional irrigation ditch infrastructures and toward intelligent pipelines designed to prevent water loss.
Sitting along a small clump of bushes next to an irrigation ditch was an old hay wagon, on top of which sat a pop-up blind.
The tour will also include visits to the CSU Agricultural Research Development and Education Center, the CSU Horticulture farm, and the Northern Colorado Irrigation Ditch Association.
Corporal Marlton-Thomas, 28, was killed instantly by a bomb in an irrigation ditch not knowing his commanding officer had sent out an order calling off the op.
The obvious place for us to go would be into the irrigation ditch that was behind us - obvious to the enemy, too.
Stephen had climbed into an irrigation ditch to investigate when the bomb went off, killing him instantly.
Police spokesman Noor Nikzad said the bomb was hidden in a sack in an irrigation ditch.
My Labrador, Buck, and I were hunkered as low as we could get in an irrigation ditch in the middle of a cornfield and well back from the river bordering the field.
It's just that Anglo newcomers buying property with an irrigation ditch running through their land have no idea that these ditches are part of a communal property structure similar to the land grants and that they have easements giving mayordomos and others the right to cross on their land to clean them.
The last time I saw him he was covered in thick mud, having just fallen into an irrigation ditch, but he gave me a beaming smile and, in the manner that only he could deliver, illuminatingly described his misfortune to all.
They took cover in an irrigation ditch and returned fire while the British patrol commander, Lieutenant Adam Libby, called in surveillance aircraft as support.
The first is Kenrad Nelson's 1964 investigation of leptospirosis associated with swimming in an irrigation ditch in rural Washington; the last, Patricia Quinlisk's evaluation of a 2006 mumps epidemic in Iowa.
KABUL (PAN): The Afghan National Army,coalition forces and residents of Bartow village in the central Uruzgan province gathered recently to build a bridge over an irrigation ditch to enhance travel through the district.
Most villages were also centered along an irrigation ditch for farming purposes.
Acequia, or irrigation ditch associations of Taos, Rio Arriba, Mora, and other northern New Mexico counties offer a viable alternative plan; every spring, people gather to clean the ditches and irrigate fields and gardens with the water that runs through them.
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