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Synonyms for irreversible

Synonyms for irreversible

that cannot be revoked or undone

Antonyms for irreversible

incapable of being reversed


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"As far as marijuana, or cannabis, is concerned, any war has been comprehensively and irreversibly lost," Hague wrote in the Daily Telegraph newspaper, reversing his previous tough approach towards drug law enforcement.
He said: "There is no doubt that public opinion has now shifted irreversibly in favour of the core objectives mapped out by the trade unions and with this rotten, dysfunctional Tory Government lurching from crisis to crisis it is no longer a matter of if our railways are brought back into public ownership, it is a matter of when."
"It is the intention of the president and the administration not to do that this time to make sure that before we provide rewards, we get the outcome permanently, irreversibly, that it is that we hope to achieve," said Pompeo, who currently serves as director of the Central Intelligence Agency.
"Somehow putting these stem cells directly into the brain jumpstarts circuits we had thought were irreversibly damaged or dead, with remarkable results," the study's lead author said.
Leaving Europe would seriously and irreversibly dent our influence on the world stage and reputation as a truly internationalist country.
Tunisia is advancing irreversibly on the way of democratic reform, despite the security and economic challenges it faces.
Aspirin plays a crucial physiological and pathophysiological role in cardiovascular diseases and cerebrovascular diseases by irreversibly inhibiting thromboxane A2.
Not by irreversibly breaking apart, with all the risks that means.
The team found that cell membranes were either reversibly or irreversibly disturbed following an NIR pulse, depending on the energy of the laser.
Like A Rolling Stone irreversibly changed both the career of Bob Dylan and postwar music history and I am thrilled to see so many collectors recognizing these lyrics importance as a work of 20th century cultural history."
The MHP leader said the president's latest stances on numerous issues as of late have irreversibly damaged his democratic and impartial credentials, dealing a huge below to the GE-l's credibility.(Cihan/Today's Zaman)
This will irreversibly change the village of Marske forever as builders move in building huge developments on all of Marske's farmland north of the bypass and road to Saltburn (ie.
After the needle has locked into the plastic trap--an action clearly perceptible by a clicking sound--it is irreversibly protected.
Unlike traditional octadecylsilane columns with pH limitations, this column can be cleaned with 1 molar sodium hydroxide or 1 molar sulfuric acid to remove contaminants that would normally be irreversibly bound to a silica C18 column.
Since UHPLC columns incorporate a tighter, more restricted flow path, any undissolved matter or particulates from the sample, the mobile phase, or the system will quickly and irreversibly foul the UHPLC column.
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