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Synonyms for coma

Synonyms for coma

a state of deep and often prolonged unconsciousness

(botany) a usually terminal tuft of bracts (as in the pineapple) or tuft of hairs (especially on certain seeds)

(astronomy) the luminous cloud of particles surrounding the frozen nucleus of a comet

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It was reported that the patient stayed in an irreversible coma. Another case report [7] shows the death of a young female after taking ergotamine in combination with indinavir (in this case not many details about the case are known and clinical presentation was described as hypoxia and shock).
In summary, the criteria of the United States consist of four steps: (1) Prerequisites: definite and irreversible coma whose cause should be excluded drug, hypothermia, alcohol, and other laboratory abnormal values; (2) examination: absence of brainstem reflexes; (3) the apnea test result is positive; and (4) ancillary tests can be used when uncertain about the clinical examination or when the apnea test cannot be performed.
intuitions in cerebrum transplant and irreversible coma cases.
They made the proclamation that life support could be withdrawn from patients with irreversible coma or brain death and provided the first criteria for diagnosing brain death [6].
Furthermore, living will and durable power of attorney statutes in many states reflect the compromise of principles that occurs in the legislative process and refer to particular medical conditions, like terminal illness or irreversible coma, and to nutrition and hydration as distinct from other treatment.
* It deletes use of the outdated medical term "irreversible coma" and replaces it with more medically accepted definitions used in the Health Care Surrogate Act.
It was believed he had fallen into an irreversible coma - and his distraught family agreed it was time to let him go.
For 16 years in Italy, Beppino Englaro kept vigil at the bedside of his 37-year-old daughter Eleuna, another accident victim, as she lay in an irreversible coma. At last he was given permission to remove her feeding tube.
He was resuscitated in 42 minutes and finally survived with an irreversible coma. One month later, due to severe hypoxic brain damage, he remained in vegetative state and dependent on the ventilator with no spontaneous breathing nor movement.
When the old lady slipped into an irreversible coma, the writer held a plastic bag over her mouth.
A state Department of Social Services spokeswoman had said earlier that the baby, Avianna, daughter of David Letourneau and Sarah Elliot of 208 Pilgrim Ave., was in an "irreversible coma from which officials involved said she will not recover."
The 1968 Harvard Ad Hoc Committee for Irreversible Coma published criteria that held that any organ that no longer functions, or has the possibility of functioning again, is, for all practical purposes, if not in reality, dead.
And as we're in the process of trying to buy a washer dryer, one of the most unexciting kitchen appliances known to man, I've happily discovered that he's got enough material to send me into an irreversible coma.
Are you opposed to being kept alive by a life-support machine if you suffered the misfortune of a road crash putting you in a seemingly irreversible coma?
Punctuated by encounters with therapists, which may or may not be real, during which Fran (Farrow) recounts her dreams, the narrative is refracted from present-day scenes in a hospital room where the title character lies in a seemingly irreversible coma. Her declining mental and physical health and resultant dependence on painkillers led to an overdose of pills, washed down with cleaning fluid.