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Synonyms for irresponsible

Synonyms for irresponsible

Antonyms for irresponsible

showing lack of care for consequences


References in classic literature ?
As I have said, and I know you agree with me, he is irresponsible.
All seemed well with him, but Freddie Drummond could not quite shake off the call of the underworld, the lure of the free and open, of the unhampered, irresponsible life South of the Slot.
Here sat Marilla Cuthbert, when she sat at all, always slightly distrustful of sunshine, which seemed to her too dancing and irresponsible a thing for a world which was meant to be taken seriously; and here she sat now, knitting, and the table behind her was laid for supper.
A brook went with us part of the way, singing to us through the dark--a gay, irresponsible vagabond of valley and wilderness.
And please don't think I'm utterly irresponsible because you saw me dancing on the shore at sunset.
The revolt of the nation was directed partly against the irresponsible injustice of the Puritan military government but largely also against the excessive moral severity of the whole Puritan regime.
The green gaiety of the waving laurels, the rich purple indigo of the night, the moon like a monstrous crystal, make an almost irresponsible romantic picture; and among the top branches of the garden trees a strange figure is climbing, who looks not so much romantic as impossible.
Helen advanced along the same lines, though with a more irresponsible tread.
The tame moral reading of the face of nature, together with such democratic interpretations of life as those suggested by Herbert Spencer, are signs of a physiological condition which is the reverse of that bounding and irresponsible healthiness in which harder and more tragic values rule.
She had been sick in her head, she had had strange lapses, she had been irresponsible.
Jukes remained indifferent, as if rendered irresponsible by the force of the hurricane, which made the very thought of action utterly vain.
Speaking now,' returned Mortimer, 'with the irresponsible imbecility of a private individual, and not with the profundity of a professional adviser, I should say that if the circumstance of its being too much, weighs upon your mind, you have the haven of consolation open to you that you can easily make it less.
Dismissing the subject of his downfall with these reflections, which were no doubt very profound, and are indeed not altogether unknown in certain systems of moral philosophy, Mr Swiveller shook off his despondency and assumed the cheerful ease of an irresponsible clerk.
Gez fails to understand that to prosecute an irresponsible owner you have to prove ownership of the animal - how does he suggest we overcome that?
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns the irresponsible remarks and consider them a flagrant intervention in the internal affairs of fraternal Egypt and a provocation of the Arab sentiments.