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Synonyms for irresolute

Synonyms for irresolute

Antonyms for irresolute

uncertain how to act or proceed

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Godfrey knew all this, and felt it with the greater force because he had constantly suffered annoyance from witnessing his father's sudden fits of unrelentingness, for which his own habitual irresolution deprived him of all sympathy.
"Irresolution, incompetence, want of foresight, and lack of determination."
Once with this concept of action clear in his brain, without timidities of hesitation and irresolution, he trotted aft down the long hall.
Worn out with emotion, irresolution and despondency, I had retired early and fallen into such sleep as was still possible to me.
"The hour of my irresolution is past, and the period of your power is arrived.
With the same perversity of feeling and irresolution that had fastened upon him, despite himself, all day, the murderer, finding that he was not followed, and that they most probably considered him some drunken sullen fellow, turned back up the town, and getting out of the glare of the lamps of a stage-coach that was standing in the street, was walking past, when he recognised the mail from London, and saw that it was standing at the little post-office.
Thus pressed by us all, Holmes showed signs of irresolution. He continued to walk up and down the room with his head sunk on his chest and his brows drawn down, as was his habit when lost in thought.
These carefully crafted irresolutions are puzzles that continue to baffle long after one leaves the theater.
Thus Thomas Sprat worried that astrology "withdraws our obedience from the true Image of God [and] affects men with fears, doubts, irresolutions, and terrors." Efforts by proponents of astrology such as John Childrey to reform the art by founding it upon heliocentrism and Baconian empiricism received a cool reception in the Royal Society: the association of astrology with sectarianism and radical politics was too strong.
The Calender emerges as a work of unmitigated moral seriousness; that the irresolutions and even the lack of focus might be resolved or explained in different ways is not considered.
Her pervasive misreadings and confusing locutions strained my patience; and Hawthorne's complexities and irresolutions resist her generalizations about his stages of change.
Long passages in the mode of the following are not limited to the occasional summary of more substantive points: "By means of ambiguity, Chaucer lends aesthetic form to the possibility of anxious irresolutions in sexual norms and values.