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Synonyms for irresolution

Synonyms for irresolution

doubt concerning two or more possible alternatives or courses of action

the trait of being irresolute

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Ironically, for someone who enjoyed the irresolution of an ambiguous dramatic message, Zelda couldn't quite bring herself to believe that the diversification of an American art form was--and always will be--a process.
UN must pay attention to Kashmir issue as it not only involves India- Pakistan dispute but its irresolution also raises question on the goodwill and prestige of UN.
Like it or not, professionalism must come to this administration lest we are lost in an ever descending spiral of indecision and irresolution.
Kermit Roosevelt, the CIA officer in charge of what was known as Operation Ajax, described his stance as one of "stubborn irresolution.
Perhaps more tantalizing are the interwoven but undeveloped references to writers like John Clare and Roberto Bolano and to a painting at a museum in Cape Ann, Massachusetts, signs that Sinclair is artist enough to be comfortable with irresolution.
As Elizabethan poetry moves into an even higher gear in the work of both Greville and Sidney, "Desire" itself, in the person of Cupid, becomes a central and somewhat nightmarish representation of a "double bind": the impossible irresolution of desiring to kill desire itself, resembling "the hunter who ensnares himself or .
2) Mailer's orchestration of these varieties of form might belie, I shall argue, the charge of incoherence, and even to an extent that of irresolution.
Her willingness to face, and face down, irresolution is exemplary.
Irresolution also occurs when the state is unable to decide whether an adversary is an adversary out to destroy existing systems including the regime itself or they are simply misguided youth that need to be coddled or simply that the state feels so hopelessly out of control and fears massive retaliation that threatens its own existence unless it makes its peace with the adversary.
The author argues that comedy can be understood as a mode of thought that brings a specific state of affairs to some kind of unscrupulous irresolution, and that it is a mode of meaning by itself, not in need of analysis through other discourses or merely a literary or theatrical genre.
He is co-author with Jacob Mundy of Western Sahara: War Nationalism, and Conflict Irresolution.
But the Finnish handset maker s plant in Chennai might be excluded from the deal in the event of irresolution of the tax dispute by 12th of this month.
By exploring not a tightly woven ecology (Ash, 2010) but instead the irresolution of the fragment with the whole, I seek to expand scholarship on affective spaces that at least contrast with the rhythms of hegemonic performativity, if not support their more thoroughgoing interruption.
Friedman writes with an air of post-modern irony yet remains fully sympathetic to the characters who people his stories as they fumble toward irresolution.
Richardson, Matt, The Queer Limit of Black Memory: Black Lesbian Literature and Irresolution.