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Synonyms for irresolution

Synonyms for irresolution

doubt concerning two or more possible alternatives or courses of action

the trait of being irresolute

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In respect to holy amphiboly, as one silently walks and reflects on the path, one experiences the state of irresolution, disruption, and uncertainty, and one develops empathy.
On April 6, without consulting Congress, he attacked Syria, explaining Obama's "weakness and irresolution" made it necessary.
On April 6, without consulting Congress, he attacked Syria, with the surreal explanation Obama's "weakness and irresolution" made it necessary.
On April 6, without consulting Congress, the administration attacked Syria, with the surreal explanation that Obama's"weakness and irresolution" made it necessary.
Mr Trump's first instinct was to blame former president Barack Obama, saying the Syrian attack was 'a consequence of the past administration's weakness and irresolution'.
In a statement Tuesday, Trump blamed Barack Obama's administration and said, "These heinous actions by the Bashar al-Assad regime are a consequence of the past administration's weakness and irresolution."
The drive to unity as Duxfield describes it encompassed state, personal, and spiritual concerns (5), and is treated skeptically by Marlowe, who consistently produces an air of "moral ambiguity" in his tragedies, often through irresolution (5).
I argue that Coetzee deflates inherited forms of Romantic and modernist epiphany into irresolution and lack of transformation to instead create an anti-epiphany, one that recasts traditional understandings of literary and religious insight in order to explore more tentative and gradual reorientations.
Most problematically, Tom Flanagan flatly blames the Lubicon Cree for the irresolution of their claim.
Ironically, for someone who enjoyed the irresolution of an ambiguous dramatic message, Zelda couldn't quite bring herself to believe that the diversification of an American art form was--and always will be--a process.
UN must pay attention to Kashmir issue as it not only involves India- Pakistan dispute but its irresolution also raises question on the goodwill and prestige of UN.
In Augustinian narrative, 'the open-ended recursiveness of figural forms builds interpretive revision into its final irresolution' (p.
Like it or not, professionalism must come to this administration lest we are lost in an ever descending spiral of indecision and irresolution. And it must come most importantly with this year's resolution of the Cyprob -- that persistent thorn in the island's side, which first cultivated then sustained this no go, no do submissive attitude by successive generations in response to all challenges.
Kermit Roosevelt, the CIA officer in charge of what was known as Operation Ajax, described his stance as one of "stubborn irresolution."
Perhaps more tantalizing are the interwoven but undeveloped references to writers like John Clare and Roberto Bolano and to a painting at a museum in Cape Ann, Massachusetts, signs that Sinclair is artist enough to be comfortable with irresolution.