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Synonyms for irresistible

Synonyms for irresistible

impossible to resist



overpoweringly attractive

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She is the chosen confidante of this irresistible man; and she would like to express her sense of obligation.
He too has felt the magnetic attraction of the irresistible little creature whom every one likes.
The impulse to spring to my feet was irresistible. Major Fitz-David had started a new idea in my mind.
"In the way?" he repeated, with his irresistible smile.
Now she had got him, the temptation to tease him was irresistible.
She had both hands on his shoulders--her face was close to his--she was simply irresistible. Arnold caught her round the waist and kissed her.
All the while they were converging, under an irresistible law, as surely as two streams in one vale.
It was evident that this strange, strong man was under the irresistible influence of the dark, graceful girl who loved another.
The human is rarely born these days, who, without long training in the social associations of drinking, feels the irresistible chemical propulsion of his system toward alcohol.
Upon this wheel rested the first layers of the masonry, the stones of which were bound together by hydraulic cement, with irresistible tenacity.
However this be, certain it is that the accident operated very strongly on Sophia; and, indeed, after much enquiry into the matter, I am inclined to believe, that, at this very time, the charming Sophia made no less impression on the heart of Jones; to say truth, he had for some time become sensible of the irresistible power of her charms.
There was a smallness, a daintiness, a liveliness about Elizabeth that was almost irresistible. She was so capable, so cheerful in spite of the fact that she was having a hard time.
5, Co-operative Food - a division of the Manchester, England-based Co-operative Group - said it brought back two limited-edition products to its refrigerated foods lineup: Truly Irresistible Limited Edition Bonfire Bangers and Truly Irresistible Limited Edition Chilli Chilli Bang Bang Pizza.
On the sidelines of 'Irresistible India' an event organised under the patronage of the Embassy of India to Bahrain, she told the Bahrain News Agency that the acts of terrorism affected some expatriates, but Bahrain sees it as an act of sabotage indulged in to tarnish the fair name of the country.
Barnes & Noble Inc (NYSE: BKS), a retailer of content, digital media and educational products, announced on Monday that 'Simply Irresistible' from Jill Shalvis' Lucky Harbor series will be featured as the latest pick for 'Barnes & Noble Spotlight'(, a NOOK Book programme that features great writers at irresistible prices.