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the quality of being overpowering and impossible to resist

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"Human" puts a new twist on BBDO's "Irresistibility" campaign, and is the first time M&M's has turned one of its "spokescandies" into a human.
One (6.44.14) compares the irresistibility of Hanuman to that of a blazing fire.
Buying impulsivity was assessed with three items, namely, "I buy things I don't need," "I buy things I did not plan to buy," and "I consider myself an impulse purchaser," to determine the degree of irresistibility of the buying impulse.
Calvinism is rooted in the theological work of 16th century Reformation leader John Calvin (1509-1564), with an emphasis on God's sovereignty, total human depravity, the predestination of the elect for heaven or hell, the irresistibility of grace, the limit of Christ's atonement to the elect, and the impossibility of those same elect losing their salvation.
Heidegger: "The irresistibility of the metaphysical essence of technology now incorporates the human being, calculated as the most important raw material." (38) In other words, what is at stake is the total technological 'framing' of Earth as standing reserve for instrumental 'machination'--"the planetary imperialism of technologically organized man." (39)
And then one recalls that Foreign Bodies is a rewrite of The Ambassadors, with the irresistibility of the woman in Paris that keeps a young American from returning to his family in the United States having less to do with sophistication or sensuality (as in James) than with the intoxicating virtue of the extreme of abjection known by certain displaced persons making their way westward through postwar Europe.
As Edward notes in Midnight Sun (a partially-completed manuscript which re-tells the story from Edward's perspective), when first confronted with the irresistibility of Bella's scent, he must suppress what he views as the monstrous portion of himself.
Opera's most notorious femme fatale should exude a sexual irresistibility to drive the tragedy and ideally hold the audience's attention throughout.
Each has its own unique irresistibility. Can they be split on more mundane considerations, such as price and running costs?
Sanchez and Cazorla teased defenders at will after the break, Arsenal roused themselves into irresistibility.
The distressed "ripped" jeans look is hardly a new trendnot even close, but never underestimate its sartorial irresistibility. From casual rockstar cool, one can immediately elevate this mannish, '90sgrungeera look to sophisticated chic by simply pairing it with a sleek structured jacket and killer heels.
In explicit terms, they told us what they 'd like to do to us, with us and in what Zora Neal Hurston calls the illusion of male irresistibility, what they'd like to do for us.
"Countless brands are going to spend Super Bowl Sunday waiting around for one moment to try to infiltrate conversation, but we wanted to do something different that enhances the viewing experience all game long with the irresistibility of M&M's and the insights of a legend like Joe Montana," said Seth Klugherz, senior director of M&M's Chocolate Candies.