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Synonyms for irrepressible

Synonyms for irrepressible

impossible to repress or control

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The score is as irrepressibly upbeat as the character of Millie herself; even the sadder, slower numbers don't stay that way for long.
AN irrepressibly optimistic red-headed orphan, a fluffy dog called Sandy and a cold-hearted billionaire who is taught how to love - it can only be Annie.
John's family are irrepressibly passionate about Europe and enjoy family life in each of the places they spend time," it says.
By the time Anna Kendrick's irrepressibly perky heroine launches into her opening song and dance number - a mash-up of Move Your Feet, D.
Cox is great TV value, with an irrepressibly cheerful smile and a calm delivery that underlines his impressive intellect and knowledge of how everything works.
Irrepressibly vivacious, he spent his life leaping over and into things, from his early Broadway successes to his marriage to the great screen actress Mary Pickford to the way he made Hollywood his very own town.
Omar Hazek somehow seems irrepressibly good-spirited, even while serving an unjust sentence.
Our third child, Kevin was so irrepressibly curious that we had to hire a Nigerian teen to follow him around.
The dance-happy songs are a great pick for children's parties or get-togethers, in this irrepressibly cheerful collection
The witty and irrepressibly curious writer lived in Berkeley, Calif.
THE SMURFS 2 (U) THE irrepressibly upbeat blue creatures, invented by Belgian artist Peyo, return to the big screen in a saccharine sequel designed to keep the merchandising tills ringing for another couple of years.
All these backstage and spotlight histrionics are rendered in vivacious, eloquent, irrepressibly chatty prose.
All The Pretty Girls had a real early Elton John feel to it, it's upbeat fizzy pop built around an irrepressibly catchy melody, with a guitar solo straight out of the 80s only adding to the retro feel.
It's a send-up, and simplicity itself: Three men in business suits, each with a farcically misshapen, pink-tinted nose, sneeze irrepressibly.
Broadly knowledgeable and irrepressibly energetic, he will build upon the fine reputation of the journal by intensifying its academic rigor and expanding its readership.