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irrepressible liveliness and good spirit

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Albany's seemingly unproblematic appropriation of name "Britain" would seem to emblematize Britain's irrepressibility within the play and its availability ever to return to the fore.
The irrepressibility of the sf imagination is perhaps best captured in David Hartwell's comment regarding what Geoff Ryman and others term mundane sf: "it's a perfectly reasonable attitude to hold except it takes away my space opera, and so, you know, I don't want my space opera taken away" (198); I can relate to that.
"Green Man," for example, makes merry with the little gargoyle-like figures "smirking fertility / in a dusty corner" or "disgorging vegetation / down a pillar" who have the innate magic to "make even stone live / turn it into bread / that feeds my hunger / for irrepressibility reality" (64-65).
(153.) See LESSIG, supra note 134, at 15 (noting the irrepressibility of mash-ups).
She says that Vit is based on a person she knew, a person "who had that impressibility that seems unconfinable even in death." The interviewer, Studs Terkel, asks: "In this, the irrepressibility, the irrepressibleness of your Cousin Vit ...
Everton, in the end, had no answers, their effort and commitment - which brought a chance squandered by Louis Saha in the first minute - no antidote to Spurs' sheer irrepressibility.
Malvolio's values threaten clowning values (boundary crossing, misrule, indulgent enjoyment), and Maria and the revellers use comic humiliation of a poetically just kind--whereby the punishment of his 'love' for Olivia addresses both his lack of 'charity' and his having ideas above his social station--to assert the irrepressibility of wit allied to enjoyment.
Beloved's travel is a testament to the irrepressibility of trauma and the bottomlessness of what it is we do not remember.
At Holyhead we are constantly amazed at the resilience and irrepressibility of the young adults of Handsworth and Soho.
It may be possible to read Renfrew retroactively as "pure camp," that which Susan Sontag identifies as the naive, earnest performance that does not know itself to be camp but which exhibits a "seriousness that fails." Still, camp demands an excessive performance and an irrepressibility that does not obtain in Renfrew's literary or cinematic performances of an entirely controlled sensibility.
AT OTHER times there is an irrepressibility about her that bubbles out unabated, a reminder that outside the constraints of the serious day job there's room in her life for plenty of fun.
For Lombroso, atavism explained the recurrence of certain crimes, such as infanticide, and even "the recent upsurge of anti-Semitism and the irrepressibility of dueling." (36) Among atavistic traits, Lombroso included left-handedness, impulsiveness, obscenity, superstition, cannibalism, and the "tendency to reproduce the cries and actions of animals." (37) Later editions of Criminal Man qualified his theory and offered additional explanations for criminality, including family and social environment.
This almost wordless story features only the simplest of illustrations in only a few muted colours, yet it communicates a powerful message about joy and the irrepressibility of life and growth.
This irrepressibility makes us ask ourselves sometimes whether it is possible to think without language.