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Synonyms for irreparable

Synonyms for irreparable

offering no hope or expectation of improvement

Antonyms for irreparable

impossible to repair, rectify, or amend

References in classic literature ?
Philander, will result in an irreparable delay, for I was just rowing over to obtain this pamphlet.' And it was with the greatest difficulty that I persuaded him to return to shore, without resorting to force," concluded Mr.
"It is a great misfortune," the Prince said in a tone of polite regret, "but surely it is not irreparable? There must be others--why not your own groom?"
If she went to Helena, and told her what had passed, that very act might bring down the irreparable mischief that he threatened he had the power, and that she knew he had the will, to do.
While these words were being spoken, Pesca, happily and fussily unconscious of the irreparable wrong which the crockery had suffered at his hands, was dragging a large arm-chair to the opposite end of the room, so as to command us all three, in the character of a public speaker addressing an audience.
The little schoolboy, aided by the impish figure of the negro dancer, had wrought an irreparable ruin.
Her thoughts were silently fixed on the irreparable injury which too early an independence and its consequent habits of idleness, dissipation, and luxury, had made in the mind, the character, the happiness, of a man who, to every advantage of person and talents, united a disposition naturally open and honest, and a feeling, affectionate temper.
The medical commissions are criticized for the requirement for people with irreparable disabilities to prove their disabilities, she said.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 25 (ANI): Union Minister Piyush Goyal on Saturday condoled senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley's death and said that his demise has caused "irreparable loss" to the country.
PML-N President Mian Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif also issued a condolence statement and prayed that the departed soul rests in eternal peace and that the bereaved family would be able bear the irreparable loss.
"May Allah give strength to bereaved parents and family to bear this irreparable loss," said Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry.
'I express our heartfelt condolence to the family and the people of Benue State over this irreparable loss.
Because the Board did not show irreparable harm, the court was not required to consider the other factors supporting such relief.
AN early General Election could do irreparable damage to the country, it was warned yesterday.
Isabel failed to 'sufficiently establish the alleged grave and irreparable injury he stands to suffer if the relief prayed for is not granted.'