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Synonyms for irreparable

Synonyms for irreparable

offering no hope or expectation of improvement

Antonyms for irreparable

impossible to repair, rectify, or amend

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At the outset, Laycock, as well as other scholars, have made a persuasive case that "irreparable injury" has become meaningless: when the issue is remedial, as in the tax context, the adequacy and irreparability rules mean the same thing.
Denial marks the refusal to mourn: to understand what we have lost and its absolute irreparability. Reznikoff and ...
[section] 2.5(1), at 125 ("Where the issue is remedial, the inadequacy and irreparability rules mean the same thing").
Again, the last two aphorisms of the book state, "When you realize the irreparability of the world, then the world is transcendent," and, "How the world is--this is out of the world" (CV, 88).
(243) Similarly, in the context of abortion, the Supreme Court set the presumption in favor of incapacity because of the high potential and irreparability of a mistake, but it has nevertheless insisted that this presumption be rebuttable.
The responsibility squarely falls on the governing bodies who have allowed corruption and mafia-rule to destabilise public transport system to the point of irreparability. Gossip has it that hefty sums of money are paid to the authorities by the transport mafia to impose/extend the ban on pillion riding.
(83) Under this view, for instance, "the greater the potential irreparability of the harm and the clearer the balance of hardships without the order, the lesser the required showing of strength on the merits of the case." (84)
"Justification," reconciliation, can be brought about only by Your love for the sinner--a forgiving love that is undeserved because the irreparability and irreversibility of the evil the sinner has done makes him unworthy of it.
Precisely because singularity resists incorporation into any particular account of universality, the cosmopolitanism Derrida has in mind is not identical with an equity reducible to right or law--equity becomes not the abstract, formal equality of liberal cosmopolitanism but, rather, the "equitable honouring" of faces," the faces of others whose uniqueness and irreparability (infinity, in Levinasian terms) cannot be thematized and between whom there is "absolute dissymmetry." (36) From this perspective, it is not a matter of a relativistic rejection of universals qua universals but rather of universals that, because they will always fail to be universal enough, must continually be challenged and rethought.
In the next section, we will argue that on those interlocutory applications that "will finally determine the issue in the action," (42) or on those that turn on pure questions of law or proceed on complete factual records, the strength of the parties' cases should not only be considered a relevant factor, but the predominant one to take into account, after the irreparability of the harm has been established.
--but you know it's tragic in the sense that it acknowledges the irreparability of pain in the world.
to find irreparability of harm under the traditional test for
believe that this standard, with or without emphasis on irreparability,
He thought that the irreparability of the harm was speculative and hypothetical at that point.