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Synonyms for irreparable

Synonyms for irreparable

offering no hope or expectation of improvement

Antonyms for irreparable

impossible to repair, rectify, or amend

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The Z350+SBMP group resulted in the least harsh fractures (~86% of repairability), in contrast to the endocrowns prepared using Z350 only, which exhibited equilibrium between repairable and irrepairable fractures (nearly 57% x 43%, respectively).
Yvonne, who had already had a 17-year-old son, Hilton, when she was operated on, suffered with hepatitis, which led to cirrhosis and irrepairable liver damage, which she thought would prevent her from having any more children.
Extensive application of chemical insecticides for many years in this area caused irrepairable damages to environment and resulted in resistance in An.
The vessel, built in Dumbarton in 1869, had been feared to be irrepairable after the blaze in 2007.
The player had already fought back from a cartilege operation as well as crusciate ligament damage but the latest injury was irrepairable.
Anything other than a Liverpool win will continue their mental torment after a terrible November, but as they trail Arsenal by just a single point, at least they know their wounds won't be so irrepairable.
"But we are already thinking about the festival meeting in April and the last thing we want to do is cause irrepairable damage to the track so realistically this meeting is doubtful."
"The damage to my body is irrepairable and I'm in constant pain."
Glandular imbalance or malnutrition may prevent normal development, while substances such as lead and mercury can produce irrepairable damage to the brain and nervous system.