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incapable of being removed or away or dismiss


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In addition to this feature, the Directive requires all packets to have a 'unique identifier with the aim to trace the products through the whole supply chain (which) shall be secure, irremovably printed/affixed, indelible ...
Instead, we feel weak, incapable and totally powerless to fight and resist our own backward personal and exceptionally detrimental cultural pride, which is firmly and irremovably attached to us, to all parts of our bodies.
She is very curious to see what Maureen, the receptionist, looks like when abstracted from that stern matronly gaze etched irremovably into her stony forbidding features.
In spite of the worry about pathology, the tendency of Novalis' final thoughts is to locate illness ever more centrally and irremovably in the terrain of life.
In speaking of Humphrey and his fate in the election or of the fingers of his hand, that anaphoric back-reference ties our suppositionally varied individual irremovably to the Hubert Humphrey we know and love.