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incapable of being removed or away or dismiss


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TEPCO has expressed its intention to satisfy standard ii) other than the irremovable tritium by putting the ALPS-treated water through the purification process once again before it is to be disposed of.
Supreme Court ruled that Texas lawmakers did not intentionally discriminate when they signed off on congressional and state House maps in 2013 -- a decision that Texas argued "cast irremovable doubt" on previous decisions against the voter ID law.
Chanting "Free courts!", "Constitution!" and "Irremovable!" several thousand supporters greeted Supreme Court chief justice Malgorzata Gersdorf as she made her way into the Supreme Court building in central Warsaw.
He forgets the fact that his presidency will be gone and that he is placing an irremovable stain on his legacy and family members.
The point now is an existential one, and Turner (2011:6) goes on to elaborate it in terms of an analysis of "character" as a complex, constitutive, irremovable concept of everyday life, "a load bearing pillar of the discourse architecture," (p.
As a daughter, mother and legal expert, she had left irremovable imprints on the judicial and political history of Pakistan, he remarked.
Irremovable foundations: 1) Optimizing returns alone would lead to absurd results (no diversification) (Markowitz 1959 and 1987); 2) Minimizing variance alone (with no information being included in the problem) should lead to investors holding cash exclusively.
Lattice structures with irremovable support structures would be counterproductive.
Trump's deceitfully conceived Jerusalem move has actually made the security of Israel more vulnerable while creating an irremovable impediment to future peace settlement between Israelis and Palestinians.
Islamabad -- The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has given approval of water marked ballot papers and irremovable ink markers use for the next general election 2018.
George Long, CEO, OPPO Pakistan said, 'We constantly work with diligence and strive for excellence; OPPO has made its irremovable existence in the Smartphone industry.
Commended in the Best Applied Security Hologram category was Morphotonix (Switzerland) for its irremovable security for spirits safety closures.
There is an irremovable ideological element in the search for a balance between the competing societal and individual interests.
They put notes sprayed with irremovable dye during robberies into the machines to get clean notes out.
Another largely unanswered question is whether there were communities that had a long-term existence without any contact with the sea--how did these cultures develop if the sea is an irremovable part of all human culture?