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incapable of being removed or away or dismiss


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irremovability of judges specified in the Constitution.
So solicitous were the framers of the Constitution to make the position of the Judges independent and entrenched that they invested them with the status of irremovability save on the limited grounds and manner specifically set out in its provisions.
The Law adopted in 1869 established cases of incompatibility of judges and admitted their irremovability, under certain conditions: however, in the content of the same regulation, the stability of removable judges and of the auxiliary staff was admitted.
In 2003, Bulgaria adopted amendments to the constitution, which aimed to improve the effectiveness of the judicial system by limiting magistrates' irremovability and immunity against criminal prosecution.
Fascism was a totalitarian regime; then there was a parliamentary regime; however, it was the Christian Democrats' irremovability that transformed this government into a regime," 169).
In line with his reading of the Republic, rather, Strauss protests the irremovability of an element of extra-rational chance (ananke) from 'the city'.
(132) The board's independence was strengthened by the five-year terms of its members and their virtual irremovability guaranteed by federal law.
The European Commission, the bloc's powerful executive arm, said Monday that the changes would undermine "the irremovability of judges" and judicial independence in Poland, breaching the country's obligations under EU law.