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the quality of not being devout


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In all cases, the condemnation of irreligiousness took two forms: abstract and concrete.
Characteristically, the characters in the tale openly associate magic with wonder, not even thinking about the potential irreligiousness thereof.
He further argues that neither glory nor charity is the "main motive" for Bacon's project: not glory, because for Bacon, glory points to some quality that glory is for the sake of, and not charity, because Bacon's meditations on truth and death indicate his irreligiousness, which precludes charity as a motive.
How will the law measure the religiousness or the irreligiousness of a person?
If some undertones a certain dimension of otherness like marginality and irreligiousness ("braunen Sohne und Tochter der waldumkranzten transsilvanischen Heide"), (92) others insist on primeval nature ("Schwarzbraunen Kindervolk"), (93) while "braunen Horden" (94) were to suggest insecurity they might embody.
Studies of biochemistry imply that both male irreligiousness and male lawlessness are rooted in the fact that far more males than females have an underdeveloped ability to inhibit their impulses, especially those involving immediate gratification and thrills," Stark said in a 2002 paper in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.