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hostile or indifferent to religion

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Father Brown was silent and motionless for half a minute, then he said: "Superstition is irreligious, but there is something in the air of this place.
For instance--that Ziemianitch was notoriously irreligious, and yet, in the last weeks of his life, he suffered from the notion that he had been beaten by the devil.
He told me that he had been a man in years long before his uncle had acknowledged him as one; and that from his school-days to that hour, his uncle's roof has been a sanctuary to him from the contagion of the irreligious and dissolute.
Hence, schools forcing students to participate in dances or any other 'immoral activities' that are deemed irreligious would have their licenses revoked.
As a viral Chinese social media post outlined this month, behaviors associated with the largely irreligious Buddhist Youth include eating the same food every day, allowing one's romantic partner to make all the decisions, and being devoid of strong feelings about virtually everything.
Equality enjoys significant support among center-right irreligious voters (41% Likud, 54% Yisrael Beytenu, and 50% Kulanu); low support among Bayit Yehudi and Shas voters (10%); and substantial support among center-left voters.
BETTER understanding after televised debates and talk shows with religious scholars to remove their fear and dread and decrease irreligious conspiracies finally proved to have its impact and was successful, despite some verbal though scholarly arguments and also quarrels by both the sides.
We'd rather keep divisive religious - and irreligious - views out of state capitols," said FFRF co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor.
In the name of religion, irreligious activities should not take place.
As if this were not enough, said USCIRF Vice Chair Kristina Arriaga, who recently met with him in Oxford to discuss religious freedom, the party also called on the public to speak out against Shaheeds irreligious activities, which resulted in online postings accusing him of apostasy and calling for his beheading.
But then how that problem is connected more broadly to the problem of Islamist extremism and the brainwashing of youths with really an irreligious ideology that is meant to foment hatred and justify violence against innocents.
Bowdler then went on to expurgate Edward Gibbon's History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire of all passages of "an irreligious or immoral tendency.
Aden, Muharram 27, 1438, Oct 28, 2016, SPA -- The Office of the President of Yemen denounced, in a statement announced here today, with strong wordings of disapproval and rejection, what it called as dirty and irresponsible acts conducted by the terrorist Houthis and pro Saleh putschists, the stooges of Iran, with its rogue and inhumane, irreligious and unethical values, as they targeted Islam's prayer's direction, the ultimate sacred place for Muslims, in Makkah.
Granting an above-the-law status to certain personalities and immunity against any legal accountability on sectarian and political grounds as being unconstitutional, illegal and irreligious, regardless of their reputation among some parties
A completely or an originally irreligious civilization has in all likelihood never existed, but it is not, in itself, unimaginable; what is more important, the modern civilization of Western mankind, originally (and still, in part, actually) Christian, has revealed a trend of evolution towards a society in which, practically speaking, religion as a determining factor of private and public life is to yield its place to a nonreligious, immanentistic, secular moral orientation which may best be described succinctly as "humanitarian.