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hostile or indifferent to religion

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As stroke follows stroke, and he continues to hold his opponent, a wild exhilaration surges through him, followed by a sort of awe, as if he were doing something wrong, even irreligious. Then all these yeasty emotions subside and are blended into one glorious sensation of grandeur and majesty, as of a giant among pygmies.
Father Brown was silent and motionless for half a minute, then he said: "Superstition is irreligious, but there is something in the air of this place.
For instance--that Ziemianitch was notoriously irreligious, and yet, in the last weeks of his life, he suffered from the notion that he had been beaten by the devil.
He told me that he had been a man in years long before his uncle had acknowledged him as one; and that from his school-days to that hour, his uncle's roof has been a sanctuary to him from the contagion of the irreligious and dissolute.
Instead of looking down upon arts as 'useless', 'vulgar', 'irreligious' as we are prone to; perhaps there is a need to highlight, promote the works of figures like Gohar to grapple with the rising intolerance on the issues of religion, nationalism and gender in our country.
"There very often is an assumption among scientists that everyone is irreligious. While it is true that academic scientists are, on average, less religious than the general public, religious scientists do exist and they are working in an environment where they might be seen as or at least feel like outsiders."
Anybody who interferes with this form of preaching is deemed irreligious and condemned as such.
A much-maligned minority throughout American history, atheists have been cast as a threat to the nation's moral fabric, barred from holding public office, and branded as irreligious misfits.
According to the authors' conclusions, religious observance in Israel is declining, but irreligious Israelis are not as secular as people may think.
"A lot of people hoped that I died during my ill health," he said, adding that those who spread the rumor were "ignorant and irreligious".
That embarrassed him a lot and of course, he visited me when I was in London convalescing,'' he said, adding that those who spread the rumour were "ignorant and irreligious".
Responding to a question from a Nigerian in the Diaspora who wanted to know if he was real or the much talked about ''Jubril from Sudan'' his supposed double, Shehu said, President Buhari described the authors of the confusion about him as ''ignorant and irreligious.''
PM Khan said his government would move a resolution across different countries for their endorsement to prevent occurrence of such irreligious events in future.
Falcis said that Articles 1 and 2 of the Family Code deprive LGBTs of their right to due process and to equal protection, the right to decisional and marital privacy, and the right to find a family "in accordance with their religious or irreligious convictions."
It is my view that citizens may properly ask questions of a candidate as to how his religious views--or lack of them--would affect his position on relevant matters of public policy, but I subscribe fully to the constitutional prohibition against a religious test as a qualification to any office, and it is my belief that the prohibition applies also to a so-called "irreligious" test.