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the quality of not being devout

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Infidels and the Damn Churches: Irreligion and Religion in Settler British Columbia.
The final chapter, "Morality and Religion," details the era's considerable traffic in immorality and irreligion.
Se hacia necesario explicarle al publico, el soberano de este sistema de informacion, el curso de la conflagracion, la naturaleza exacta de la osadia, el legado maldito de un acontecimiento que instauraba el regimen de la impiedad y la irreligion.
People are free to choose the lifestyle they like but since they are unacquainted with Allah and Islamic moral values, the majority may choose irreligion.
The geographical distribution reflects the long history of irreligion in China over a long period of time, still outnumbering the growing numbers in the wealthier parts of the world, such as Europe and North America.
Given his ever applauded irreligion, we might not want to declare Flavin's Icons the art-historical source of all this.
The whole point of this sixteen-page detour (197) into antidisestablishmentarian theory is to legitimate the use of governmental institutions, especially schools, to promote secularism or irreligion and to discriminate against religious speech.
The Venetian Republic declared against irreligion and blasphemy, and condemned Protestantism in the 1560s, but the main agent of investigation was the ecclesiastical inquisition.
12) While I make no claims for Marlowe's personal convictions-about which one can only speculate--I contend that the skepticism of the Tamburlaine plays offered early modern spectators the opportunity to consider irreligion or unbelief as a viable worldview.
These libraries were trammeled by forces besides poor funding: perceived as a threat to denominational education and an incentive to moral degeneration and irreligion, they became the targets of vigilance committees.
Para de Vouglans, la suavidad de los castigos es una fuente de irreligion y de criminalidad.
But irreligion is not enough to gain his approval: John Updike's "grueling homework" and Somerset Maugham's utter stylessness are severely criticized, with some justice.
Eighteenth-century Virginia no longer seems a place of spiritual apathy and irreligion.
Although a Hollywood production, the movie premiered with much fanfare and public acclaim in the country where it is set: Spain, which is marking the 75th anniversary of the start of a civil war in which the losing side, judging by present-day Spain's rampant irreligion (except for the near-universal worship of Lord Soccer, the new popular deity) and below-replacement birthrates, seems ultimately to have won.
However, it gradually came under the influence of a materialist, evolutionist and irreligious mindset and came to play an influential role in the spread of irreligion and materialists in the world as a whole.