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in an irrelevant manner


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Individuals who discount the future significantly may be indifferent to alterations in subsequent earnings, while ones who discount the future irrelevantly may be pretty responsive to alterations in subsequent earnings.
Its adversaries can, with some legitimacy, declare themselves victors in light of stated objectives--objectives that admittedly, but largely irrelevantly, may have been loosely defined originally or undergone dramatic revision during or after cessation of hostilities.
Minimum-wage laws, not irrelevantly, were first instituted a century ago, as Thomas Leonard has recently shown, to make it harder for women, blacks, young people, and immigrants to compete in the labor force.
if contemplation is left with only the irrelevantly extant, then it loses the noble status it once had .
had put on an Adidas, and, irrelevantly, I think of a Carmen Miranda
in a small number of threads, are more likely to post irrelevantly, and are
Workaholism is irrelevantly associated with real liking of one's work or with an authentic inclination to be instrumental in organizational objectives.
You know," he said irrelevantly, running his palm along his cheek, "I played varsity basketball on a scholarship in school.
Staying side-on to the exit, I mumble irrelevantly at the handset.
And this time round it's going to be even more difficult to call because we now have six big dogs in the fight, rather than the usual two Rottweilers and a couple of Bichon Frises yapping around irrelevantly.
Mr Cessford reveals the paucity of his argument by ineffectively and irrelevantly intruding the issue of abuse.
Not irrelevantly, the British detectives only recently hauled up Gerry Adams, Northern Ireland's prominent political figure, on the suspicion of involvement in a woman's murder by the extremists of the now-defunct Irish Republican Army (IRA).
The unwillingness to make a long-term commitment to the new market or to adequately trust local leadership, combined with the propensity to rigidly replicate the products, business models, and operating systems that have worked at home drives many companies to a midway trap that results in India remaining an irrelevantly small contributor to global growth and profits.
Current fusses, not irrelevantly, about the propriety of fictionalizing actual political figures--I also fuss about this.
Chiles (who, irrelevantly but quite interestingly, is looking increasingly like Bungle out of Rainbow these days) clearly believes his primary role is to put himself in the shoes of the average viewer, which seems laudable enough but simply doesn't work.