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Synonyms for irrelevant

Synonyms for irrelevant

not relevant or pertinent to the subject; not applicable

Antonyms for irrelevant

having no bearing on or connection with the subject at issue


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Task irrelevant tones and task irrelevant speech with similar manipulations of spectral quality disrupted lipread lists equally.
The work most closely related to irrelevant sound may be the substantial body of evidence relating the effects of white noise to the efficiency of performance, for which there have been several comprehensive reviews in the last 40 years or so (e.g., Jones & Broadbent, 1991).
For ensuring merit, the interviewers should focus on argumentative questions rather than irrelevant questions.
Major punishment was said to be imposed on three police officers/staff and minor punishment on another 14 for either maltreating general public or misuse of authority on basis of 1647 complaints of which 986 were handled, 661 were left pending while 50 were found to be fake and 21 irrelevant.
Therefore, the IPC is irrelevant to the ECHR judgements, he added.
"I guess I don't relate to it," she says, "which probably makes me irrelevant." But anxiety free.
He instructed all deputy commissioners, assistant commissioners and mukhtiarkars of the division to preserve property record of their respective tehsils, avoid providing the record to Patwaries and other irrelevant persons and to maintain a Movement Register regarding to and from movement of record with proper entry.
Panelo, if indeed I'm now irrelevant, trying to 'reenter the public's consciousness' as you assert, why do you still keep on hitting me with such venomous intensity?
"I think the price tag now is irrelevant. It is irrelevant to us because we are the players.
Observing that the Customs Department had involved irrelevant officials in the case in absence of main accused,Justice Minallah directed to re-export the vehicles in consultation with the Foreign Office and FBR.
Research on this topic typically requires the serial recall of visually presented linguistic items that are studied in a silent condition or with the simultaneous presentation of irrelevant sounds (tones, speech, vocal, or instrumental music) that the participants are instructed to ignore.
HYDERABAD -- Price hike, unemployment, poverty and irrelevant policies were creating unrest and uncertainty among the people of Pakistan.
Their main contention that the minister's findings were based on irrelevant information is indeed interesting as Graham's and their agents are masters of using what I would say is irrelevant information - and the article mentions some of it.
New Delhi: An internal probe by Indian government has found that the Lucknow passport officer was wrong in asking an interfaith couple irrelevant questions about their religion when they visited his office with their applications for the document, sources said on Wednesday.
He directed officials to ensure secrecy of all official documents and make sure they remain vigilant in performing their duties and official records should not be in access of irrelevant persons.