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incapable of being made smaller or simpler


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Here, one finds the refreshing, humbly put suggestion that, yes, indeed, sufficient reflection on material reality points to both its own lack of determinateness and to irreducibly spiritual causes, both that of the human psyche and, perhaps, some entity beyond all matter that insures that, ultimately, all shall be well and well understood.
Still, having followed Descartes in defining matter in so thoroughly "mathematicized" a way that irreducibly qualitative features, meanings, and purposes are excluded from it, modern science itself effectively closes off the possibility of a scientific explanation of these features.
Since the 1990s Asian American studies scholars have analyzed and explained the combined racialization and sexualization of Asian immigrants and Asian Americans that have defined Asians persistently as irreducibly alien and inassimilable to the US nation-state and American culture.
Theatre's essence is still irreducibly performative and inherently social.
The irreducibly social and technological character of existence is a key theme which runs across several contributions.
This feature article describes The Playmaker Influence Decision System, a patented table and ontology of 24 irreducibly unique stratagems, likened by its architect and the author, Alan Kelly, to exhaustive frameworks in chemistry, biology, and music.
According to Streumer, the error theory's conceptual component holds that moral facts and claims entail facts and claims about irreducibly normative reasons, which are irreducibly normative properties.
He focuses on democratic culture rather than the democratic state, and operates from the liberal view that collective life is irreducibly plural.
WatchthatPreaknesson YouTube, andthe thing that sticks irreducibly in thememoryisthemoveSecretariat made on the clubhouse turn, Arazi-esque 18 years early, a breathtakingexpositionofpowerand majestyandclass.
The individuation of intentional states of mind is irreducibly normative (the intentional is normative).
Bill, Heller began his literary career as an imitator, aping the terse, dialogue-based, and decidedly goyish rhythms of Hemingway, William Saroyan, and John O'Hara, whose collective convictions a mature Heller would later describe as "hard-nosed, sexist attitudes embodying implicit assessments of materialism, wealth, Babbitry, and ideals of masculinity and male decency that I accepted as irreducibly pure.
He sees, as British political philosopher John Gray puts it, a "value-pluralism, that ultimate human values are objective, but irreducibly diverse, that they are conflicting and often uncombinable, and when they do come into conflict with one another they are incommensurable; that is, they are not comparable by any rational measure:' Further, Gray theorizes: "The idea of a perfect society in which all genuine ideals and goods are achieved is not merely utopian; it is incoherent.
This is a perfect example of literary work being irreducibly complex.
An irreducibly personal space for reflection, opinion and dissent is thus framed, enabling the possibility of challenging a certain order of things, of knowledge; perhaps even of questioning a distribution of power.
His thesis is that all experience of reality structurally presupposes some 'sense' of it which--since grounded in embodiment--is irreducibly multiple.