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incapable of being made smaller or simpler


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Baldwin's writerly practice was irreducible to the sonic practice of sermonizing and the sermonizing he participated in was irreducibly social, was continually open to the and, was the search for connection from the congregation.
The problem, the AHA reports, is that EHR technologies often are too "unwieldy" and do not "speak the same language to one another." Medical care information is, in some ways, irreducibly complex.
With this caveat in mind, a Shituf-based theology could argue, according to Goshen-Gottstein, that there are two irreducibly distinct streams, Judaism and Hinduism, leading to one common God.
True creativity is wily, competitive, communal, an irreducibly untidy thing, and Madden shows no inclination to clean up the mess.
Interspersed among the main sections were several cabinet displays of diverse publications and unpublished documents that illuminated what the curators called the "irreducibly plural and fully global" world in which the Egyptian Surrealist movement and elite culture thrived.
The unpredictability and speed of such entropy provides the highest possible level of defense because the quantum processes used in this technology are irreducibly random.
In his chapter on intelligent design, Geenen argues against Behe's irreducible complexity theory by providing evidence that the auditory ossicles and the panda's thumb are not irreducibly complex (p.
On this point it is again evident that the approaches pursued in these essays are moving away from a secularist, Namierite (15) historiography and toward more nuanced attention to women's self-understandings as religious figures or at the very least as thinkers advancing political views that were irreducibly theological in their implications.
But if our religiosity is irreducibly complex, then concerns regarding the possibilities for any meeting across religious difference are legitimate.
Muslims, once conceived of as essentially and irreducibly foreign in European policies, are now being asked by the same governments to adapt culturally in order to receive recognition and access to state resources as a recognized religious minority.
Still, having followed Descartes in defining matter in so thoroughly "mathematicized" a way that irreducibly qualitative features, meanings, and purposes are excluded from it, modern science itself effectively closes off the possibility of a scientific explanation of these features.
Freedman challenges the idea that Conrad views truth as "irreducibly multiple, insubstantial, and subjective," or that Conrad is a robust philosophical skeptic (13, 14).
The irreducibly social and technological character of existence is a key theme which runs across several contributions.
This feature article describes The Playmaker Influence Decision System, a patented table and ontology of 24 irreducibly unique stratagems, likened by its architect and the author, Alan Kelly, to exhaustive frameworks in chemistry, biology, and music.
According to Streumer, the error theory's conceptual component holds that moral facts and claims entail facts and claims about irreducibly normative reasons, which are irreducibly normative properties.