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incapable of being made smaller or simpler


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PI]]) be an irreducible admissible infinite-dimensional representation of G.
In particular, if the action of A is irreducible and A contains a rank one operator, it follows that A is dense in L(X).
Keywords: Pattern avoiding permutation; irreducible permutation; succession; involution; Motzkin path
Irreducible patellar dislocations are exceedingly rare injuries, where associated osseous or chondral lesions may necessitate open reduction despite innocuous appearing imaging.
A case of an irreducible anteromedial dislocation of the radial head due to biceps tendon interposition on a female aged 14 years is herein presented.
old unmarried male came with right groin swelling for 6 months which was reducible earlier, turned irreducible for past 8 hours.
Keywords-: Euler characteristic of Milnor fibre, Hamburger-Noether expansion, Computer algebra system SINGULAR, Irreducible curve singularities.
The irreducible case occurs when a complex number is needed in order to complete the process.
will not go to war over everything we cannot and do not want to--but we will protect our irreducible interests which are, in fact, quite narrow:
The topics include projective space, parameter homotopies, the numerical irreducible decomposition, applications to algebraic geometry, and big polynomial systems arising from different equations.
To the delight of many (and likely the chagrin of some) the ties between the Jews and National Public Radio are deep and irreducible.
In the second part we give a bound on the automaticity of the set of irreducible polynomials over a finite field.
Irreducible patellar dislocations are rare injuries, but those that do occur are mainly directed intra-articular (7).
3) bi-irreducible if it is irreducible and co-irreducible.