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an advocate of irredentism

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The Triestine Socialist Party staunchly opposed any Irredentist solution, arguing for a constitutional reform of the empire that would produce a sort of European federation of Habsburg territories.
President Vladimir Putin veered in a supremely reckless direction by annexing Crimea and engaging in a thinly veiled irredentist war in Donetsk and Luhansk provinces.
At the time of signing this treaty in 1964, the two nations viewed Somalia as a threat due to the Horn of Africa nation's irredentist ambitions.
Clark's narrative begins with the local setting for the murder of the Habsburg archduke Franz Ferdinand, evoking the irredentist and conspiratorial cauldron that had been Belgrade politics ever since the Serb coup d'etat and regicide eleven years earlier--an event that turned Serbia from a client state of Austria-Hungary into a dedicated opponent of its former patron.
A retreat from Afghanistan, compounded with the prospect of an irredentist post-Soviet Russia and the rise of transnational terrorism, see Nato confronted with an increasingly uncertain world.
Moreau would have put it, restless, imbued as they are with irredentist ambitions and hopes for an independent Kurdistan.
The book has an exhilarating scope encompassing the Victorian Bengali "Renaissance," Irredentist Trieste, modern Montreal, and post-Franco Barcelona.
And is there any future in the exclusivist, irredentist notions advocated by hard-line Israelis or their counterparts in the Palestinian camp?
But because of the expansionist Indian claim, essentially on Aksai Chin, "a fanciful, irredentist claim to territory that had nothing to do with India, boundary settlement became impossible (emphasis added).
Sympathisers with Serbia--whose poisonous irredentist national myth lay behind the fateful assassination in Sarajevo in 1914--saw the sculptor's powerful, heroic and sometimes violent portrayals of ancient Serbian heroes as embodying 'the Jugoslav idea'.
Independence was delayed because of irredentist claims by Guatemala, however, and it was only after a prolonged international campaign that independence was achieved in 1981 (Shoman 2010).
Beijing had been trying to walk back the perceptions of China as a rising irredentist, if not revisionist, power.
By acknowledging the negative implications of the limitations of the dominant Cold War category of the superpower, this edited volume aims not only to analyse the periphery, but also to provide a view from the periphery, and, thus, to give a voice to historical irredentist insights.
The implications for China's neighbors are already evident in Beijing's increasingly bellicose insistence on irredentist territorial claims.
The Hungarian and the Szekely flags were quickly unfurled, followed by the flags of the ultra-nationalistic, irredentist organizations Betyarsereg (Outlaw Army) and Hatvannegy Varmegye Ifjusagi Mozgalom (64 Counties Youth Movement).