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Synonyms for irredeemable

insusceptible of reform

(of paper money) not convertible into coin at the pleasure of the holder

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The family justice system has failed the whole family, but particularly (the girl), whose childhood has been irredeemably marred by years of litigation," said Lord Justice Aikens, who sat with Lord Justice McFarlane and Lord Justice Briggs to hear the appeal.
Though we British have never been so irredeemably idle as the French, there was a time when we had more leisure time and I think we were healthier, happier and better balanced people for it.
Khan said war and corruption are irredeemably linked: "We have the lowest tax to GDP ratio in the world - 61 per cent of our national MPs pay no tax at all.
Unless an end is put to this tawdry saga, a great history that he helped create is in danger of being irredeemably tainted.
Michael Anderson said: "Seriously, how do shows as irredeemably dreadful as The Royal Bodyguard get commissioned?
The third focuses on Iran, portraying the country as an expansionary power that is perceived as a threat by the Sunni states of the region (although Lewis here elides the difference between the rulers of these states and their populations, who routinely rank Iran far below Israel and the United States as perceived threats) and as irredeemably hostile to Jews (ignoring the fact that the Persian Jews live a generally peaceful life in Iran), therefore requiring that Western states engage in disruption of the regime and preparation for possible military action (advice which seems rather contradictory to the premise of the first essay, to say the least).
Distinguished by its clumsy, linear narrative and a directorial style that is the cinematic equivalent of a weary sigh, Andy Fickman's romantic comedy is irredeemably cliched and trite.
In the interview conducted in New York where he is attending the UN General Assembly, Muallem said that the STL has become irredeemably "politicized".
In fact, history, like life, is irredeemably complex and we use trust all the time in order to survive.
The new one should have been an improvement-with many of the characteristics of today's best airports, like lots of glass and high ceilings-yet it wound up looking like one of those impressively shiny but irredeemably wrongheaded post-Communist showplaces.
from the threat of living on a planet irredeemably spoilt by human activities," suggesting that there is "renewed emphasis on the future evolution of international environmental governance, including calls for greater coherence within the United Nations system.
The views of the BNP are not simply false, they are dangerous, indeed irredeemably evil.
He ruptured both the superficial and the deep flexor tendons irredeemably and so was destroyed on humane grounds.
Limiting her study to anthropology, and primarily structuring her argument around several related feminist objections to sacrificial language, Biviano maintains that, rather than jettison the language of sacrifice as irredeemably oppressive, Christian theology must contextualize and patiently sift through the many-layered meanings of sacrifice to retrieve what remains essential to Jesus' call to discipleship.
There's such a cheekiness and personality to its design that people would have ruched out to buy the car even if it was irredeemably awful in every other respect.