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Synonyms for irrecoverable



Synonyms for irrecoverable

incapable of being recovered or regained

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The tornada is irrecoverably tied to the system of patronage at the time, but there is an ambiguity as to the addressee, with shadowy and menacing overtones.
Others claim that the tribal raids and the subsequent communal violence that ensued between religious groups irrecoverably altered social relations in the Valley.
Addressing Crossan directly, Emma's father, David Galton, said: "Due to your reckless and selfish actions, my family has been changed irrecoverably. The fact that upon hitting Emma, you carried on and showed no signs of slowing, let alone stopping, shows great cowardice and that your concern was only for your own welfare.
While this may seem like a boon to those looking for ways to reach out, this notion of young adult opera may ultimately be a vision of the genre that we ought to let go, not because it comes from some irrecoverably distant historical past, but because it represents a past that we might not want to recover.
However, Taman Dalli and Jusni felt very sad that they had struggled in vain and that their land was irrecoverably lost.
This takes us a long way from any "luxury of reminiscence." For Eliot, the past could not be easily indulged in for "future restoration" or visions of immortality; rather, it was locked into mortal time, altering it irrecoverably into something more alienating.
The ultimatum forced the retreat of Portugal and wounded the monarchy irrecoverably. Indeed, Portuguese modernism appeared within a national framework that was shaken by the English threat and by the fall of the monarchy and the consequent emergence of the Portuguese republic in 1910.
The film struggles with a just way to acknowledge that the historical experience of enslavement and oppression has left deep traumas within communities of color around the world, and particularly in the Americas, without implying that those traumas are so irrecoverably damaging that they make members of the communities that experience them dangerous.
Cule addresses this collective cognitive dissonance--which, among other things, enables the binary construct of gender she presents--in a world where the only truly authentic protagonist is nature, itself irrecoverably altered by humankind.--Kathy Noble
Returning to the charge in 698, with more numerous armament by sea and land, the Arabs re-took the city, and North Africa was irrecoverably lost to the Roman Empire.
While the reader is not granted any more insight into Ralph's future, it can be surmised that he does go on, although irrecoverably changed.
Ecologically and agriculturally we are moving towards an irrecoverably explosive situation.
Domain III catalyzes adenosine diphosphate-ribosylation and EF2 inactivation, to inhibit protein synthesis and ultimately causes cell death.[sup][7],[8] It is reported that up to 300 ribosomes can be irrecoverably inhibited in 35 minutes by a single toxin molecule, which is toxic enough to destroy a cancer cell.[sup][9],[10],[11],[12]
Hence, it is structurally tied to the body as some sort of cut experienced on it, a remark that can also be made in relation to Einar's portraits: each one of them operates as a metaphor of what is irrecoverably lost, leaving partial traces that the subject pursues.