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the state of being insubstantial or imaginary

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However, numerous film and video experiments have shown a gradual decay of time awareness owing to the irreality of sustained views of the same embodied screen perspective.
The Multidimensional Socio-Hermeneutic as Social Theory Based on Imaginaries, Irreality and Utopia
I think that the Mongolian psyche is more tuned into what we might call irreality, the subconscious level at which we see things "that aren't there" (or that may well be there, in fact), and these images populate Mongolian culture on a far more extensive basis than I believe happens in Western culture.
(3) To venture into Borges's aesthetic irreality in search of a "real" political context is no doubt an arduous task.
In the introduction, he notes that "musical sensibility has different implications for reception than does spoken theater" (10) and that the opera was perceived at the time to be a culturally elitist, luxurious realm of irreality, wholly detached from contemporary events--very different characteristics from those of the spoken theater of the period (5).
Use of the imperfect may also serve as an indicator of irreality, for the use of invid-, 'hateful' (from the concept of 'looking askance/casting an evil eye') may be a subtle pun: in- before the vid-stem could, by straining the rules of participial formation, be taken also to mean 'not seen', implying that the lover would prefer the cloak to be invisible, to allow free visual access to the young lady's lower limbs.
Husserl raised the question of intentional acts of consciousness (i.e., oversimplifying things, of perception) independent of the question regarding the beingness of the world, whether or not the world is "real." Tolstoy underscores the problem of consciousness and to some degree the "irreality" of the world.
According to such a logic of alterity, the real Paraguay is the substrate awaiting discovery and reflection beneath Not-Paraguay's hallucinatory irreality. Such a premise, however, raises the ethical issues so elliptically at work everywhere in "Paraguay": is Paraguay in need of outside discovery?
McCay represents for Bukatman the aesthetic apex of what Bachelard calls the "irreality function." The presence of Bachelard (specifically his book The Poetics of Reverie) and absence of Freud in the book notably turns us away from the logic of dreams and towards that of daydreams--an "appropriate model" for McCay's Slumberland, which offers "a brief respite from the logical strictures of the waking life" (2).
And for the narrative itself, this revelation of two-timing is the ultimate enforcement of irreality's supremacy--because the miscegenation of cartoon and real, now that it's entered the domestic sphere, is ineluctable.
An emphasis on the moral, pedagogical functions of art is as old as Plato's call to chase the poets out of the polis for spreading phantasms of irreality. The objectivity of the perceptual world is always problematic, but it is a problem that is glossed over by the invention of scientific machines that purport to catch the whole truth, such as the camera.
Arguably Nietzsche's writings, which privilege "falsehood, copy, representation, fiction, irreality, irrationality ...
(8.) Peter Schjeldahl, "The Id Factor: James Ensor's Irreality," The New Yorker 6 and 13 (July 2009): 90.
Here we have definitely only the meaning of irreality of the conditional (counterfactuality) and the past meaning of the past participle.