irrational motive

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a motivation that is inconsistent with reason or logic

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Unfortunately, history teaches us that for those who respect only force and see it as an instrument for realizing their ambitions, or for those driven by irrational motives like fear or the lust for domination, such discussion, diplomacy, and negotiation will be mere tactics for furthering those strategic goals." Discuss Mr.
The Astute Investor is an in-depth investment guide book that analyzes the answers to such questions as "Is the stock market undervalued or overvalued?" "Is the market in a long-term upward trend or long-term downward trend?" and "What is the most promising stock to buy?" Organized by topic for quick and easy reference, chapters and subheadings include both fundamental information for the novice and advanced issues of analysis from the psychology of trading (including rational and irrational motives), how to interpret the news, a ten-step method for investing success, skillful retirement planning, and much more.
They sought deeper, irrational motives in the criminal's aberrant psychopathology, just as courts habitually do, both in Britain and the US, whenever there's a woman in the dock.
Irrational motives. Irrational motives are those where the fire setter's logic is faulty, actions are misdirected, or the clear and logical link between the fire and the goal is so vague as to seem nonexistent.