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Synonyms for irradiation

the condition of being exposed to radiation

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(physiology) the spread of sensory neural impulses in the cortex

the apparent enlargement of a bright object when viewed against a dark background

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(Pavolvian conditioning) the elicitation of a conditioned response by stimulation similar but not identical to the original stimulus

(medicine) the treatment of disease (especially cancer) by exposure to a radioactive substance

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Monolayer cells with logarithmic growth were exposed to X-ray at ambient temperature, and the cells in control groups received sham treatment without irradiation. After irradiation, the cells were collected immediately for subsequent experiments.
Rusatom Healthcare, represented by its deputy director general, Rustam Rakhmatukin, will be the technology partner that will help set up the irradiation center in the Philippines, particularly in Davao City.
As future nuclear systems are demanding higher neutron fluence irradiation than present nuclear power plants [7], it is necessary to verify the integrity of the irradiation capsule for longer irradiation testing at HANARO.
However, gamma ray irradiation dose required varies depending on the genotypes of rice.
WHO/IAEA/FAO has approved the irradiation processing as non-heat treatment technology which has high usefulness and safety for controlling microorganism deterioration of foods [4].
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 9, 2017-Weihai Weigao Equity Investment Buys US X-Ray Irradiation Systems Maker Rad Source
Irradiation has been considered as the best method for control of pathogenic microorganisms in meat and meat products [8], which also improves the safety of a wide range of products and extends their useful life [9-13].
(3) Irradiation modification: it is observed that irradiation can obviously improve the oxidative efficiency of PAN precursors.
g radiation caused slight significant effect on the chemical analysis after irradiation; there was no significant changes in pH values it slightly increased the amount of total volatile basic nitrogen (TVN), thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBA) and peroxide value.
So more likely, it's irradiation itself that put shoppers off.
Food irradiation is an advanced technique of food preservation that has numerous advantages over conventional chemical preservation methods.
LAHORE -- A use of Gamma Irradiation Technology in the industrial and agriculture sectors could enhance productivity and exports of the country, therefore, the government should take measures to create awareness in this regard.
Gamma irradiation has been frequently used for sterilization of biomedical materials [4].
This demands a suitable solar irradiation model that simulates the real hourly solar irradiation (Hh) reliably.