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a strong man of exceptional physical endurance

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The Berlin event suits very well into my preparation for the Ironman 70.
Also, the North Luzon Express (NLEx) supports the BOSS Ironman by installing new speed radars which are capable of detecting over speeding vehicles even during night time.
UP FOR IT McNamee determined his Ironman dream won't turn into nightmare
Yr Ironman yw un o'r heriau un diwrnod anoddaf yn y byd," ychwanega Ryan.
He said: "No other Scottish firefighter has made it through to the Ironman Championships so I'm very proud of that.
Founded in 1978, IRONMAN started as a single race and has grown to an international sensation with more than 250 events in over 30 countries and now includes five unique brands: IRONMAN, IRONMAN 70.
From WiFi to safeguarding payments and tracking athlete progress, IRONMAN will leverage EarthLink's technology services and expertise to enhance the event experience for its entire community of athletes, families and spectators.
Sam Steele narrowly missed winning the Coniston Half Ironman event after clocking atime of 5:28:30 - less than a minute behind the race winner and more than 20 minutes clear of the third place.
JUDGE CYNTHIA NEWTON of Clearwater fulfilled a dream when she braved choppy waters and gusty winds to complete her first Ironman competition in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
Five years later, she is competing in the 'Ironkids' event, a 500m run, while her Dad hopes to complete the Ironman triathlon - a 3.
On June 15 I'll be attempting my first half Ironman Triathlon at the Cotswold 113 event.
BullFrog is the official sunscreen of the Ironman US Series as well as each of the 11 individual ironman events to be held in the US during the 2014 season.