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a spot caused the staining with rust or ink

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the diffusion of nano-sized ZnS crystals to the hematite-type oxidized surface of the iron mold, to form a marmetite-type layer; and
It was concluded that ZnS crystals are formed on the surface of iron molds through:
Iron mold failures usually occur due to cracking caused by thermal strains, and steel mold failures usually are caused by excessive wear to the point that castings are out of tolerance.
Iron molds are less durable with typical designed lifetimes of 40,000 castings and may be serviceable to 50,000 shots.
Consequently, many iron molds are repaired by removing the damaged or worn area and restoring the mold by plugging with the appropriate shape.
Iron molds tend to ultimately fail due to cracking.
1, is made by the gravity permanent mold process, in a conventional, machined iron mold.
We have iron molds that we fill with water from artesian wells equipped with filters," he explained.
According to Arvay, iron molds are less expensive than graphite molds and last longer.
Hand-grilled in iron molds by cooks behind a large display window, the dumplings are made from wheat flour paste mixed with fish stock, spring onions and boiled octopus chunks, and drizzled with a sweet sauce, dried bonito flakes and seaweed.
Davis and J-G Magny, PMRL/Canmet, studied the tensile strength of 25-mm-thick gray iron plates cast in permanent iron molds and in sand molds (91-119).