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muscular diaphragm that controls the size of the pupil which in turn controls the amount of light that enters the eye

diaphragm consisting of thin overlapping plates that can be adjusted to change the diameter of a central opening

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DC-iris (auto-iris) control for surveillance cameras with fixed/varifocal lenses does not enable the camera or user to know the exact position of the iris opening, which is needed in order to optimize image clarity.
Something akin to that glow can be read in Jim Broadbent's face in an early scene from Iris, when, as a graying Bayley, he beams with wonder at Murdoch as she delivers a lecture on the importance of education.
But with foolproof ID systems like iris recognition, even your identical twin couldn't pass for you.
Biometrics may solve this problem, since a fingerprint or an iris is undeniably connected to its owner.
GNPD IRIS is the most powerful marketing intelligence innovation tool available.
The spin-off, which builds on the strength of LG Iris technology, makes sense given LG's current business priorities and the state of the identity authentication business today.
Bill got enthused after the couple visited a professional iris grower near Porterville, Calif.
4 -- color) Bill Van Gorder boasts 2,100 iris plants in his back yard, property of the High Desert Iris Society.
IRIS estimates that its existing customers use 12 million urine test strips annually.
Iris members said lithographs of the painting alone could generate $4 million to $7 million, while the 3-by-4-foot oil rendering of humpback whales in Alaska was almost auctioned off with a minimum bid of $218,000 last month.
IRIS) (AMEX: IRI) announced that it obtained clearance last week from the Food and Drug Administration to market an advanced version of The Yellow IRIS(R) urinalysis workstation, featuring a CHEMSTRIP(R) urine test strip reader and fast read CHEMSTRIP IRIStrips, both designed for exclusive use in The Yellow IRIS by Boehringer Mannheim Corp.
Groove Mobile, the world's leading mobile music commerce platform, today announced a worldwide licensing deal with IRIS Distribution, a leading digital distributor dedicated to marketing and promoting independent media.
On Thursday, Bank United became the first in the United States to offer iris recognition technology at automatic teller machines, providing the Swartzes and other customers a cardless, password-free way to get their money out of an ATM.
Harvey Kasdan, IRIS vice president of research and development, discussed in detail the technology used by The White IRIS(TM) to classify white blood cells, including a number of novel innovations in the rapid and simple separation of white cells from blood for efficient and rapid analysis in this new system.