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a heavy brittle metallic element of the platinum group

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Whether thousands of miles out-to-sea, or in the most remote desert outposts, customers can easily use their Iridium AxcessPoint Connect software to transform their laptop into a wireless hotspot, and broadcast the Iridium satellite network as Wi-Fi to their devices.
Matt Desch, Iridium CEO and chairman said, "We are looking forward to seeing Iridium become a part of the Russian telecom market - a vibrant market that is open to the type of innovation Iridium delivers.
Iridium welcomes all Sviaz-Expocomm attendees to its booth - number 1A10.
In the end, radio astronomers and Iridium reached a compromise.
Under the terms of Iridium's recently announced program, Iridium will work through Telenor to credit up to 100 minutes of airtime and three months of free subscription fees, if the Iridium network fails to complete properly initiated voice calls from customers' new Iridium handsets.
The incentive program, which originally applied to trade-ins for Iridium 9505A handsets, now offers Iridium 9555 satellite phones in exchange for Globalstar handsets.
Eric Beranger, chief executive officer of Astrium Services, said, "This agreement will allow us to integrate Iridium into our mix of satellite and terrestrial telecommunications packages for customers worldwide.
Iridium envisions widespread adoption of the 9600 transceiver for enterprise-scale solutions which require immediate and comprehensive access to critical data from the field.
In one case, a rhenium atom condensing atop a cluster of iridium atoms appeared to move an iridium atom out from the edge and take its place.
In two of Fossett's previous flights (February 2005 and February 2006), Blue Sky Network supplied the Iridium D-1000 satellite terminal and a voice channel on the Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer.
According to their theory, the impact body, called a bolide, vaporized after hitting, and extraterrestrial iridium rained down around the world to form a thin, highly concentrated layer.
Iridium operates a complex and interconnected system of 66 cross-linked satellites and in-orbit spares, each powered by a multi-processor system.
June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Iridium Satellite LLC (Iridium) announces that the U.
The evidence for such a devastatingimpact rests in the unusual concentrations of iridium that geologists have been finding at the K-T boundary around the world.
Nasdaq:TRDO), a global provider of integrated data and telecommunications solutions, today announced that Iridium Satellite LLC has selected the Intrado(R) 9-1-1 Call Center Solution.