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a heavy brittle metallic element of the platinum group

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With the addition of these six service providers, 12 companies to date have signed on to provide land-mobile-related industries with Iridium Certus service.
Iridium and the DoD have maintained a longstanding and collaborative partnership through our Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services (EMSS) contract, and we believe Iridium Certus complements this perfectly by bringing never-before-possible, mission-critical broadband capabilities to the warfighter," said Matt Desch, CEO, Iridium.
Iridium Technology is focused on "Business Intelligence for Law Firms.
This radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) is designed to be used in Iridium's current L band satellite system, as well as Iridium NEXT,
The Iridium NEXT satellite network will offer greater bandwidth, improved data speeds and continued service as the only satellite network offering truly global coverage.
Alaska is one of our top three markets in the world," says Matt Desch, Iridium president and chief executive officer.
Iridium NEXT, the company's next-generation network, will bring even more capabilities and capacity for the company's growing customer base.
Infosat said that it will also make available for purchase the Iridium AxcessPoint, a lightweight, portable device that connects via USB cable to an Iridium phone (Iridium Extreme or Iridium 9555) to establish a Wi-Fi hotspot.
Iridium is the only communication company to offer truly global, mobile coverage.
Continental has selected ARINC to provide the voice and data services for the satLINK Iridium systems.
To help Iridium meet the increased demand, the Federal Communications Commission moved quickly to grant use of additional spectrum to accommodate network traffic and, thus, minimize the risk of congestion resulting from Hurricane Katrina.
Washington-based Iridium LLC filed for court protection in the United States last August, unable to make payments on debts totaling about $4.
Because the Iridium network covers the entire Earth at all times, such leakage could cripple astronomers' observations anywhere.
In 1993, Iridium raised $800 million in its first round of funding from these and other strategic investors.
By Brett Rekas Iridium Communications LLC's sixty-six-satellite network is now operational and the Iridium consortium, consisting of Motorola Inc and 19 multinational partners, has begun advertising the global mobile phone service.