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a heavy brittle metallic element of the platinum group

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Iridium Certus is an L-band broadband platform providing global connectivity and upon aviation terminal availability, will provide a solution for two-way flight deck and business cabin communications.
Thales plans to be first to market with an Iridium Certus aviation product and has a unique place in the Iridium Certus partner ecosystem as the only company manufacturing land, maritime and aviation terminals.
Iridium Certus is the world's newest and most advanced L-band broadband solution, offering small-form-factor, cost-effective terminals and truly global coverage.
Specifically, Collins casts Iridium as both a beneficiary of American neoliberalism and also a contributor to its ascendance.
"The Iridium team is extremely excited about our new partnership with Rippe & Kingston," said Tom Jones, CEO of Iridium Technology.
Iridium later on confirmed that all 10 new satellites had "successfully communicated" with ground systems.
With a date of completion in sight, Iridium has been ( adding new customers  ahead of the new service's launch, especially in the Internet of Things (IoT) space.
Josh Miner, vice president, land-mobile business, Iridium, said, 'Each service provider is invaluable to the success of Iridium Certus.
The glint, which will only last a few seconds around 6:31 p.m., is caused by sunlight reflected on the polished door-sized antennas of the Iridium constellation, said museum researcher Wu Tien-yen on Saturday.
"Iridium NEXT will replace the world's largest commercial satellite network of low-Earth orbit satellites in what will be one of the largest 'tech upgrades' in history," said a company statement.
The launch of SpaceX's updated Falcon 9 rocket in January was the first of seven missions that are critical for the future of Iridium's aging satellite communications network and its 800,000-plus customers.
Iridium Communications has agreed to provide Komatsu of Japan, the world's second-largest manufacturer of heavy equipment for the construction and mining industries, with global asset tracking and monitoring for its Komtrax telematics system.
Regis Hotels & Resorts has launched the Iridium Spa at the St.
S3 Group has introduced the world's first fully integrated, single-conversion radio transceiver, to be used in satellite communications devices, handsets, transceivers and modems that will operate off the current Iridium network and the Iridium NEXT system.
Iridium NEXT, scheduled to begin launching in 2015, will deliver more bandwidth and higher data speeds to serve the rapidly expanding demand for truly global mobile communications.