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Synonyms for irenic

inclined or disposed to peace; not quarrelsome or unruly

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conducive to peace

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With both words serving double duty--"beautiful" as noun and adjective, "changes" as verb and noun--the poet shows us in miniature what the poem will fully illustrate: his irenic approach to the problem.
This essay and the next are excellently paired, for Elena Levy-Navarro defines the "anti-polemicism" of the Devotions in her splendid essay, "Breaking Down the Walls That Divide." She demonstrates that the Devotions is not a polemical work but one that is generously irenic without any particular denominational outlook: Donne breaks down or ignores church divisions, desiring that all Christians may be assured of a place in the heavenly communion of the saints.
If there are few reviewers of a book by Barker without bias (he is an acute but generously irenic reviewer himself), I must here declare my own, which is heartily in favour of imagination.
Throughout the book, and with an irenic rather than an aggressive approach, he demonstrates through close readings of particular texts the mutual interdependence of the Hellenic, the Hebraic, and the Christian.
The reader will, in the end, have to make up his own mind about the "corruption and vanity" (fasad wa-butlan) of the Mu'tazilite position as portrayed in this not very irenic account.
Xenophobia remains a significant issue, but if anything, the irenic reaction to the attacks suggests that among American political and media elites, Orientalism has become a dead letter.
Antier is superb in describing the mentality of French colonialism of this period, which de Foucauld basically supported all his life, though some might object to his often irenic view.
With a mostly irenic tone, Changing Frontiers still does not allude to the changing frontiers of mission as understood by churches in the ecumenical movement.
A hot-tempered Luther was not the only one stirring the pot, and even the irenic Melanchthon could not forestall the firestorm that came.
Chapter six reviews the controversy between Pilgram Marpeck's restitutionist ecclesiology and the irenic spiritualism of Entfelder and others but reiterates the warning against `reading back into sixteenth-century debate all too systematic distinctions between biblicists and spiritualists ...
But Wolf is a so-called "third wave" feminist, so her approach here is more irenic than alienating.
Here, however, there is room for the irenic position that one person's duck may be another person's rabbit.
While he is no gentler in his treatment of the literary critics than he has been with many of the precedent linguists and philosophers, his conclusion is surprisingly irenic: "The fact is that apparently opposed ideas of literary form are compatible and finally complementary; they are simply different versions of the same concept" (199)., 0808 278 8504 STAYCATION Hampshire from PS644: Irenic Lodge in Hamblele-Rice is close to the village square and sleeps four in two bedrooms, with two pets welcome.