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Synonyms for ireful

full of or marked by extreme anger

Synonyms for ireful

feeling or showing extreme anger


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So much the better for your ears--perhaps for your heart; since, if it rends the air in hate to yourself, or to the men or principles you approve, the interests to which you wish well, Wrath wakens to the cry of Hate: the Lion shakes his mane, and rises to the howl of the Hyaena: Caste stands up, ireful, against Caste; and the indignant, wronged spirit of the Middle ' Rank bears down in zeal and scorn on the famished and furious mass of the Operative Class.
The ireful Bastard Orleans, that drew blood From thee.
It is significant that the poem opens with the biblical parable of the Wedding Feast in which the Lord throws out an ill-clad guest from his chambers in a sudden fit of anger not much different from the Creator's ireful outbursts.
Suleiman August 6, 2012 -- One feels very angry, ireful and deeply saddened by this monstrous crime committed by the National Congress Party (NCP) regime against the people of Sudan in the City of Nyala in South Darfur on Tuesday the 31st July 2012, 12th of Ramadan 1433.
intense, ireful, and scathingly critical wit as to be unsustainable for