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Synonyms for ireful

full of or marked by extreme anger

Synonyms for ireful

feeling or showing extreme anger


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Irving implies that Columbus possessed self-control and knew his own nature sufficiently to consistently master innate, ireful tendencies.
When Vulcan recalls his expulsion by ireful Jove, he describes not a pratfall but a magnificent mystery, a glorious fable of descent and recovery.
23) The prince well knew her, though her painted shield And golden hair he had not marked before; She saved her head and with her axe, well steel'd, Assail'd the knight: but her the knight forbore; 'Gainst other foes he prov'd him through the field, 5 Yet she for that refrained he're the more, But following, Turn thee, cried in ireful wise And so at once she threats to kill him twice.
Their ambivalent ireful mood is a manifestation of the ouroboric primal affect, self-envy.
Tis gone; and see where God Stretcheth out his arm and bends his ireful brows
Only after he calls on Lucifer, when almost in the act of calling on Christ again, does God finally bend 'his ireful brows', and Faustus's downfall become inevitable.
While in chronological terms the play moves from a winter sad and long ago to autumn, and in mythical terms from a world of change and death to an ideal world in which spring and harvest coexist, in astrological terms it seems to move from Leo, dominated by the ireful Leontes, to Virgo, dominated by Perdita and Hermione.