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Synonyms for irate

Synonyms for irate

full of or marked by extreme anger

Synonyms for irate

feeling or showing extreme anger


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The irate Muslims then set fire to four coaches of the Sabarmati Express as the train was about to depart from the station.
editor: Some years ago I remember reading in American Forests about the huge live oak in Magnolia Springs, Alabama, that had been girdled by an irate person over property rights.
Hundreds of thousands of irate schoolchildren might have streamed into the streets demanding that the federal government bail out the embattled online toy retailer eToys the way it once did Chrysler.
It shows readers how to be more productive, how to handle difficult situations and irate customers, and how to stay positive and upbeat with every telephone call.
AN irate wife sold her love rat husband's collection of blue movies at a car boot sale.
Donna Bomberry, the church's indigenous ministries coordinator said "Maybe we need a few more irate deans.
If they're not getting their posteriors chewed off by irate customers, they are getting blamed by their own manufacturing people for bringing in the wrong work or for not charging high enough prices.
A further 36percent objected to music being played, 27percent were irritated by the sound of the automated voice and 44percent were irate when they were left hanging on.
During selected PET sessions, researchers blocked the volunteers' awareness of having seen the angry faces--each shown for a fraction of a second--by flashing an expressionless face immediately after an irate one.
The airlines figure if they lavish services on their high-paying customers, it doesn't matter how irate the rest of us get over canceled flights, lousy service, space reductions, and other forms of abuse.
Despite the testimony of one irate Democratic mark who dubbed White House-based phone calls a "shakedown," this was the fig leaf our Accomplice General Janet Reno donned to let the vice president and the president slide after violating the plain language of the statute prohibiting fund raising on federal property.
In an exercise termed "cops and loggers," trainers take the roles of police, media and irate workers as campers stage actions in the trees and scaffolding.
In one poignant scene, Harden describes an 86-year-old Native American elder, irate about being consigned to eating salmon from a can.
With this spate of notices and irate callers clogging the phone lines, however, it is clear that Finance has to concentrate on fixing the problem.