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Synonyms for irate

Synonyms for irate

full of or marked by extreme anger

Synonyms for irate

feeling or showing extreme anger


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The irate passenger then screams, "I don't care, I'm uncomfortable, which is against the law.
Another eyewitness told our correspondent that the lynched driver, suspected to be a 'yahoo boy' was drunk by the time he crushed the victims at Orita Oloki and the smell of alcohol from his body infuriated the irate youths, who attacked him by smashing his head with planks and other dangerous items.
One irate female netizen described the online scheduling system as 'bulok' (rotten).
Hassan and Saliku tried in vain to calm the irate villagers but they would hear none of their pleas.
Make no mistake, I and many other cyclists would happily pay some extra form of tax if we were guaranteed facilities like our civilised European neighbours enjoy rather than mixing it on our dangerous roads with Irate Motorists.
It's a far cry from their semi-final appearance 12 It's a far cry from their semi-final appearance 12 years ago and the poor performance saw one irate fan years ago and the poor performance saw one irate fan throw sweets when they arrived at Incheon Airport.
The Seasiders' boss was sent to the stands after throwing a bottle which hit a female spectator and his irate reaction after the final whistle, which the FA found breached three rules, landed him in hot water.
And it also gave us a chance to study human behaviour, in the form of an irate human who couldn't accept what he had no choice but to accept.
"Take a chill pill or you will have a stroke, " one daughter told her irate mum.
IRATE pub landlord Henry Bailey objected to a court report that two defendants had been drinking all day in his hostelry before committing offences reported in July 1867.
CYCLING: Alessandro Petacchi edged out an irate Mark Cavendish as he won the first mass sprint of this year's Giro d'Italia although the Briton has taken the general classification lead.
The new Telus policy could come because of irate International travellers who, instead of paying exorbitant roaming fees, might prefer to use a local SIM card to cut both data and voice usage charges.
slipped, Wednesday, on news that the company risks facing class action lawsuit from irate iPad customers who complained that the device "overheats" under sunlight and does not function properly even in indoors.
But the first calls the anti-terrorist police chiefs in Madrid received were from irate wives of the Spanish firemen, from Barcelona, who recognised the "terrorists" as their husbands.