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on or relating to the same side (of the body)

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The mass infiltrated to the levator scapulae muscle, as well the scalenus muscles ipsilaterally.
Note that although the axons misproject ipsilaterally, they still follow the normal optic tract and arborize into the tectum.
(i) Nonvisualization of left lung parenchyma and left bronchus with cardiac border shifted ipsilaterally
Attention allocation to the stimulation location is inferred when participants respond faster to visual targets displayed ipsilaterally than on targets displayed contralaterally to stimulation, as can be deduced from the attentional bias index (i.e., the difference in response time to the contralateral minus the ipsilateral targets [20]).
To compare the right and left side, it was defined that the side that presented the deviation (ipsilaterally to the chin deviation) would be called "elongated" and the contralateral side would be called "shortened" (Fig.
Amplitudes of II' ipsilaterally and contralaterally were lower in blind than normal subjects.
Epicrania fugax has recently been defined as a paroxysmal headache localized in the posterior cranial area, which starts at a focal area and rapidly radiates ipsilaterally around the eye or the nose (1,2).
Through the suppression effect, it is evidenced normal operation of the medial olivocochlear (MOC) system, after otoacoustic emissions amplitude reduction, when applied noise against or ipsilaterally the examined ear.
found that facet joint load (FJL) increased ipsilaterally during lateral bending, and contralaterally during axial rotation after disc prosthesis implantation.
Ramsay Hunt syndrome classically presents with unilateral facial paralysis and erythematous vesicles located ipsilaterally on the ear and/or in the mouth.
The uptake was located ipsilaterally in 19(23.7%) cases while nodal uptake on the opposite side was observed in 4 (5%) cases.
In the contralateral striatum, all 3 coincubation conditions resulted in significantly decreased ROD compared to incubation with 16 nM [[sup.125]I]-CLINME alone, although these decreases were of a smaller magnitude than those observed ipsilaterally.
(2009) Upper and lower limb muscle activation is bidirectionally and ipsilaterally coupled.
Guinan Jr., "The ipsilaterally evoked olivocochlear reflex causes rapid adaptation of the 2f1-f2 distortion product otoacoustic emission," Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, vol.