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on or relating to the same side (of the body)

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TUNEL staining was used to detect the apoptotic cell death in the injured cortex and CA1 region of the ipsilateral hippocampus.
Testicular ischemia-reperfusion caused a significant increase in E-selectin expression of the ipsilateral testes compared with the control group (P < 0.05).
In the ischemia-nonexercise group, both forms of trkC were increased in the ipsilateral region.
We tested maximum peak voluntary muscle torque of knee extensors ([PT.sub.E]) and flexors ([PT.sub.F]) on both legs, and based on these values, we derived the ipsilateral ratio of muscle torque for both dominant and non-dominant legs (H:[Q.sub.D] and H:[Q.sub.N], respectively) and the bilateral ratio between the exerted strength of knee extensors (Q:Q) and flexors (H:H).
Se realizo estudio prospectivo, longitudinal, observacional de 4 semanas de duracion en el que se compararon el flujo sanguineo de una fistula arteriovenosa de dialisis medido por termodilusion (BTM[R] del monitor Fresenius 5008 Cordiax) versus ecografia doppler de la arteria humeral ipsilateral a la FAV en 13 pacientes en hemodialisis con fistulas arteriovenosas con buen funcionamiento.
However, the latencies of V ipsilateral and III ipsilateral and contralateral waves were not altered.
The ipsilateral (struck side) leg was moving forward in walking case.
I found no studies at that time that refuted the advice that breast cancer patients were given to avoid blood pressure measurement, blood draws, and injections in the ipsilateral arm.
Among patients who underwent lumpectomy, the addition of radiation reduced the risk of subsequent ipsilateral invasive breast cancer at 10 years (2.5% vs 4.9%; P<.001).
This case report unravels a new finding of two ipsilateral corporal tears managed with delayed primary surgical repair.
Most of the reported cases have been related with thyroid diseases such as Graves diseases and nodular goiter.1-3 Rarely, thyroid hemiagenesis is associated with hyperparathyroidism.4-8 We present a case of hyperparathyroidism and ipsilateral thyroid hemiagenesis.
For diagnosis, ultrasonography can be used as primary modality that can show utero vaginal duplication, hematocolpos or hematometra and absent ipsilateral kidney.
I also aim for the ipsilateral shoulder, imagining a straight line from the urethral meatus to the ipsilateral shoulder on each side.
They were allowed to habituate to a period of dimly lit environment for 10 min before contralateral and ipsilateral turns, regarding the side of the lesion, were recorded over 60 min.