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become converted into ions

convert into ions

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Such a solution from the Ionizer range was successfully implemented for an SMC customer that specialises in water bottle manufacturing.
Downstream the HEPA filter, a Di-Ethyl-Hexyl-Sebacat (DEHS) aerosol was generated by an atomizer (Model: ATM 230, Topas, Germany) and negative ions were generated by a carbon fiber ionizer (Transjoinc AB, Sweden) with the working voltage of 7 kV.
Lahore, February 25, 2010 (Balochistan Times ): 25th February, 2010 - Samsung Electronics Company Limited, a global leader in electronic products and mobile phones, has introduced Micro Plasma Ionizer (Mpi) technology in the latest line of air-conditioners named The Samsung Crystal series.
The Purely Anion is a negative ionizer, and these have been gaining support from all over, particularly the mental-health community.
Another unique feature is its built-in Air Ionizer that not only helps clean the air around the user of allergens and germs, but also promotes air-flow and circulation.
Anti-Static Tinsel is a "passive" ionizer made with 100 percent copper wire and foil.
A new monitor provides a visual display of the operating conditions of an ionizer.
Compiled and edited by electronics engineer, physics instructor, and patent testing expert Thomas Valone, "Harnessing The Wheelwork Of Nature: Tesla's Science Of Energy" is 332-page compendium of expert commentators on Tesla's contributions to our understanding of electricity, wireless power transmission, as well as his inventions such as the Homopolar Generator, and Tesla's Ionizer and Ozonator (with implications for indoor air pollution).
The XPert Weigh Box features a static pressure gauge to monitor HEPA filter loading, an antistatic ionizer fan that is mounted on the interior box to reduce static charge, and a balance vibration isolator for delicate weighing operations.
The Stablo EX two-way ionizer is said to generate a balanced mix of positively and negatively charged ions that eliminate static on laboratory samples, allowing them to be weighed accurately with high repeatability, according to the company.
Five clinical trials have shown that daily exposure to an electronic ionizer for 30-90 minutes gradually lifts mood and energy and improves sleep quality,
Special Japanese burnt-cedar layer placed under the regular floor, at considerable expense presumably: This acts as a natural ionizer, purifying the air.
Also available to Oregon law enforcement agencies: fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, portable thermal equipment and an ionizer that can determine the presence of drugs or explosives.