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Synonyms for ionize

become converted into ions

convert into ions

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The next step is to figure out if there were enough compact galaxies around to ionize the early universe.
In the plasma field, which is a charged cloud of gas, oxygen ionizes and turns into ozone.
These charged reaction products ionize the fill gas producing charged particles that are subsequently detected.
The intense optical filaments can be used to ionize molecules and atoms thus producing related emissions and they can simultaneously generate a very broad and continuous optical spectrum (referred to as white light or continuum generation).
It was only after these stars generated enough ultraviolet radiation to break apart, or ionize, the hydrogen atoms that the light could shine through and illuminate the cosmos.
The specific voltage needed to ionize a particular gas is an identifying signature, says Nikhil Koratkar of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.
To fully ionize helium, a massive star must be extremely hot.