ionization chamber

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a measuring instrument that measures the amount of ionizing radiation

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Recently, another IC, the NIST automated ionization chamber or "AutoIC" has been added as a repository for secondary standards [85].
Several studies, including this report, have employed a cylindrical ionization chamber model Radcal 10X5-1800 (1) with 1800 [cm.sup.3] of active volume.
Exposure can be measured by an ionization chamber positioned at the point of measurement.
The free-air ionization chamber that has been dedicated to this facility for the establishment and measurement of air-kerma is the Lamperti FAC [7].
On most modern x-ray systems, the phototimer consists of an ionization chamber located in front of the film-screen cassette.
For over 30 years scientists in the NIST radioactivity group have been using their pressurized ionization chamber "A" (PIC "A") to make measurements of radioactivity and radioactive half-lives.
Air kerma calibration coefficients for a reference class ionization chamber from narrow x-ray spectra and cesium 137 gamma-ray beams were compared between the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NTST) and the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).
The comparison involved a series of measurements at the PTB and the NIST using the air-kerma standards and two NIST reference-class transfer ionization chamber standards.
The detector concept integrates a segmented [.sup.3]He ionization chamber with the position sensitive, charged particle collection methods of a MicroMegas detector.
3.) The neutron beam intensity is measured with a [.sup.3]He ionization chamber upstream and downstream of the polarizer cell, and again at the end of the beamline with a third ion chamber.