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a vacuum pump that removes gas by ionizing the atoms or molecules and adsorbing them on a metal surface

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When the neural signal of a seizure is detected by the electrodes, the ion pump is activated, creating an electric field that moves the drug across an ion exchange membrane and out of the device.
Pharmacellion has designed several compounds as inhibitors of Na K ATPase, with increased affinity with the ion pump and having modifications - relative to other known inhibitors - that are intended to reduce possible side effects.
The ion pump removes gases such as argon and methane that the getter system cannot remove.
Unlike the turbomolecular and diffusion pumps which physically move molecules from the vacuum chamber to a rough pump, ion pumps use an ion burial gettering process to remove gas molecules from the chamber.
The ion pump changes the electrical charge inside the cell, which then changes the electrical charge going through the transistor, which the scientists could measure and monitor.
"The ion pump protein is an absolutely critical element of this device.
Of these, only the ion pump can pump to pressures lower than [10.sup.-11] torr.
Daniel Wetterlin, vacuum products sales marketing manager at Physical Electronics, Eden Prairie, Minn., worked with ISI on a feedthrough for an ion pump. "We chose a coaxial type because we needed the ground cabling on the outside," he explains.
The ESCA and x-ray emission spectrometers, along with an ion pump, weigh nearly 600 kg and had to be attached to and mechanically balanced on the chamber to minimize chamber distortion during rotation.
To handle the heavy gas loads, every section of every sector gets an ion pump. The 13-kW beam stops also get a getter pump, which consists of a high concentration of NEG strips folded accordion-style.