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a vacuum pump that removes gas by ionizing the atoms or molecules and adsorbing them on a metal surface

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Pharmacellion has designed several compounds as inhibitors of Na K ATPase, with increased affinity with the ion pump and having modifications - relative to other known inhibitors - that are intended to reduce possible side effects.
The ion pump removes gases such as argon and methane that the getter system cannot remove.
Unlike the turbomolecular and diffusion pumps which physically move molecules from the vacuum chamber to a rough pump, ion pumps use an ion burial gettering process to remove gas molecules from the chamber.
The ion pump changes the electrical charge inside the cell, which then changes the electrical charge going through the transistor, which the scientists could measure and monitor.
The ion pump protein is an absolutely critical element of this device.
Tenders invited for Supply and warranty of sputter ion pump power supplies to be used for 70 to 240 liter/second ion pump
Key to the longevity of the improved ion pump family is a new, patented feed-through design that will dramatically reduce the corrosion that can occur when ion pumps are used in humid environments.
Tenders invited for Supply of Triode sputter ion pump
Tenders invited for Hv units & ion pump control unit -specifications as per annexure
Of these, only the ion pump can pump to pressures lower than [10.
Tenders are invited for Supply of ion pump and accessories
Tenders invited for Power supply unit for triode sputter ion pump.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Microvac ion pump controller