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a process in which ions are exchanged between a solution and an insoluble (usually resinous) solid

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This paper reports on ion sensing characteristics of the porous ion exchanger for various inorganic ions.
The ion exchanger samples were transferred onto filter papers in order to separate as much as possible the reaction medium from them.
Applications of Inorganic Ion Exchangers: II--Adsorption of Some Heavy Metal Ions from Their Aqueous Waste Solution Using Synthetic Iron(III) Titanate.
X-ray diffraction pattern of the best prepared ion exchange material was recorded by X-ray diffractometer with Cu Ka radiation beam (l = 0.154060 nm) to determine the structure of the ion exchangers, where the finely powdered samples of the ion exchanger were packed into a flat aluminium holder and the X-ray source was a rotating anode operating at 30 kV and 30 mA with a copper target.
Thus it is concluded that the sorption studies for [Cd.sup.2+], [Hg.sup.2+] & [Pb.sup.2+] on the synthesized ion exchanger which is an analogue of the mica mineral Glauconite [[Na.sub.0.5][Fe.sub.4.9]([si.sub.5.3][Ai.sub.0.5][O.sub.14.4][(OH).sub.4]] has got a great potential.
The thesis details research involving sodium nonatitanate, a more efficient ion exchanger, to separate the highly radioactive isotopes (90Sr, 137Cs, and transuranics) from the large quantities of inert salts.
Response of these polyionsensitive electrodes has been ascribed to the favorable extraction of the polyions into the membrane phase via cooperative ion-pairing interactions with lipophilic ion exchanger sites doped within the polymeric membrane phase.
The carbon filter removes chlorine and other contaminants, and has an ion exchanger that reduces the need to decalcify; its liner has patented protection to prevent bacterial growth.
We now report the identity of the ions involved, which we investigated using the recently developed non-invasive ion selective electrode technology at the National Vibrating Probe Facility, MBL, Woods Hole (3) Microelectrodes with tips 2 [mu] m were filled with 15 [mu] m columns of liquid ion exchanger (LIX) cocktails.
Rain collected from the roof is cleansed with an ion exchanger and then sprinkled over the covered land.
During the ion exchange process, the positively charged Na+ ions of sodium silicate are replaced with smaller and more mobile H+ ions of the ion exchanger resulting in the formation of silicic acid.
In the process, proteins from the incoming crude whey stream are captured all at once onto an ion exchanger. They are washed free of lactose, minerals and fat.