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having a decorative pattern worked or woven in

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With the spread of Christianity, not only did wine come to be a symbol of God's blood, but it also became an inseparable deeply inwrought part of the traditions of the people and the region, which survived to the present day, present in wedding ceremonies together with the bread and salt.
The bridge whereon at night he had walked and stood and watched a thousand times, until every fabric of its soaring web was inwrought in his memory, and every stone of its twin terrific arches was in his heart, and every living sinew of its million cabled nerves had throbbed and pulsed in his own spirit like his soul's anatomy.
He is, by his own admission, "the real McGoy," a non-Jewish "Finklerphile" who is just as strongly attracted by the "inwrought despondency" of Jewish history as he has been in the past by the "erotic sorrow" of his depressive lovers.
Hamlet inspired the World, Stratford's new Messiah, Burton, and Screen Icon from the humble valleys mines and woolly sheep he was inwrought with his God.
nature as to be inwrought into the substance of the apartment itself,
His Jewish lover Hephzibah pins down the root cause of his Jewish obsession as the search for an identity "that came with more inwrought despondency that he could manufacture out of his gene pool".
The committee compared slavery to the castes of India, "deeply and inveterately inwrought in the very texture of society," to the tyranny of "arbitrary government," and to polygamy.