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immune to attack

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Nowadays young people think they are invulnerable, but they're not."
Now, climbing onto the exercise wheel of materialism is prescribed as the answer to the national malaise, and capitalism--previously described in sturdy rationalist terms that emphasized its invulnerable and inevitable qualities--appears more as a vast but goofy pyramid scheme than a reasonable way of ordering our society.
They feel invulnerable, partly because they are not hearing about young people with the disease and how much suffering it can still cause.
This is not to suggest that he is invulnerable to criticism.
"People open up in e-mail, they feel invulnerable, they say more in e-mail than in a letter," said James Pabarue of Christie, Pabarue, Mortensen & Young, a Philadelphia law firm.
For more than four decades, millions committed the to bringing down a system that had appeared invulnerable.
Even administration officials conceded that sanctions were unlikely to force Pyongyang to reverse course: The isolated country was relatively invulnerable to outside pressures, since it had so little international commerce and few important international connections of any sort.
Hitchcock answers that he doesn't know, and doesn't remember if they ever discussed it, and then interjects, "You know he's doing a book on me." It's a surprisingly, sweetly needy moment from a man who elsewhere and everywhere appears as invulnerable as an armadillo.
For a life to be judged immortal in this sense does not mean that it has become invulnerable to death but, rather, that it cannot be rendered meaningless by death.
Caeneus joined in the ensuing battle and, because of his invulnerable body, killed five centaurs.
First, children see themselves as being personally invulnerable. Second, most children perceive the world as meaningful and comprehensible.
Pretending to hate the Greeks, who had supposedly ill - treated him, he told the Trojans that the horse was an offering to Athene; if brought inside the city, it would make Troy invulnerable. Laocoon, a priest of Apollo, warned them of a trick but was immediately killed, with his sons, by a pair of sea serpents.
That setback was followed with another loss to University of the Philippines as the once impregnable squad wasn't really invulnerable after all.
There is no app that can be considered invulnerable, though the security level may differ but all of them are at risk.