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Synonyms for invulnerability

having the strength to withstand attack

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the property of being invulnerable

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But there are drawbacks to the search for invulnerability. The bombing may stop but the hatred deepens for other reasons.
At that moment, I too was quite simply an American, helplessly watching our national idealism and sense of invulnerability being bombed by our own symbols of power and superiority.
However, do not seem man by his marvelous invulnerability."
However, perhaps the biggest problem for the rest of the peloton is Armstrong's perceived invulnerability.
Several interviews raise the complex issues of training, performance, competition, repertoire, and retirement, but the film's grander theme is the vitality and invulnerability of the entire institution, which Tavernier dramatically accentuates with filmed images evolving into black-and-white stills throughout this magnificent record.
Their most striking feature, aside from their grand ambitions and wide scope, is their apparent invulnerability to the kinds of constitutional challenges that have derailed affirmative action programs in the United States.
He had "a real sense of invulnerability," the sheriff said.
While this is perfectly true, particularly for what regards the frontal arc, the proverbial invulnerability of the tank is melting away like ice in a hot pan, as very few could now resist and survive an attack from a modern missile, particularly if its strikes from the top or the sides.
To be sure, much has changed for the worse since the September 11th disaster: Our sense of self-security; our economic stability; and our aura of invulnerability have frayed badly since the attacks.
About 900 tanks are T-72, whose aura of invulnerability in the West was quickly dismissed in 1982 during Israel's invasion of Lebanon.
MYTH OF INSURERS' INVULNERABILITY SHATTERED (The Daily Yomiuri as translated from the Japanese-language Yomiuri Shimbun)
As each coach strides about his arena of competition like an Adonis/Muse with full flowing locks, he/she has the false sense of invulnerability to any negative force in the universe.
With the perceptiveness of both an insider and an outsider, Hirschhorn presents cases that portray complex psychodynamics of the struggle between the `primitive search for invulnerability' and the more adaptive psychology of openness (p.
Other temptations like the need for status, certainty, harmony and invulnerability are no less harmful.
He describes the movement's origins in the villages of Shandong province, where young men and boys turned rituals of mass possession and invulnerability to antiChristian purposes.